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How do you learn and study?

"Work-reading aside (lol) I love WNYC! I turn it on first thing in the morning and listen throughout the day when I’m working at home, making dinner etc. I find it’s really helpful for learning about a pretty broad range of news topics and longer stories. I’m not really a podcast person other than that. I also like Harper’s mag for the same reason. Their articles always feel super relevant while being unexpected. I’m also always on the look out for book recommendations from friends. I really like going in completely cold and learning about a new topic. Currently I’m on gardening/farming lol."

"I like to have a pen + notebook by me whenever possible. Writing things down usually helps me to retain information."

"I write everything (and I mean everything) down whether it is in a journal, planner or in my notes app. But I think the way I learn the most is reading. Aside from reading the news, I find that reading books is one of the top ways I learn things even if they are fiction."

"Youtube, books, podcasts and taking notes! I also ask chatgpt a lot of questions now."

"Through YouTube, writing things down, and listening (tv, podcasts, etc)."

What is the top career that Gen Z wants?

"I think statistically it’s creator/influencer? But I’ve also generally noticed people my age gravitating towards entrepreneurial jobs that offer autonomy and freedom to explore individual interests/passions. I think there’s also a lot of folks turning to maybe less “glamorous” jobs in retail, e-comm, etc. Jobs that aren’t necessarily creatively fulfilling in themselves but that give you the after-hours freedom to pursue other interests."

"I feel like people glamorize tech jobs (at least on TikTok) because of the laid-back vibes with high pay. Same as above though, I’ve seen the study where most kids today want to be a creator given the flexible (and comfortable financially) lifestyle."

"Own boss, whatever the field may be."

"Feel like a different survey might net you different results. A recent survey showed that “Young Americans of all stripes dream of working at Google,” while others show that being a YouTuber is their top choice. Net-net, I think Gen Z wants stability, proper compensation, and respect in the workplace."

What do you think will be different when your generation are CEOs?


"On a more macro scale, probably the way that people approach work. “Quiet Quitting” was more or less a fake “trend” drummed up by headlines after one TikTok went viral, but I do think that our generation has a fundamentally different relationship with work—and the office—than generations before, and that will certainly be more visible in years to come."

"^ Building off that, there’s a piece in Harper’s about a work “legitimation crisis” that I think really captures it well: essentially, when a lot of small conflicts and grievances (like quiet quitting, RTO, etc) create an overarching feeling of disillusionment. I think our generation has a pretty pragmatic view when it comes to work as a vehicle for either exploring things that matter to you or giving you the flexibility and/or money to do those things in your free time. For Gen Z CEOs in the future—and CEOs now for that matter—I think that will be an important component of the value proposition of your company or brand as a workplace."

"I think our generation is a lot better at highlighting what people are good at and leaning into it (creating roles specific for them vs. boxing them into a certain job description). I also think we’re much more into flexible work days as long as the work is getting done."

What's your favourite way to learn?


"Unexpectedly. But actually, reading something and taking notes by hand. Or annotating a book."

"I like learning things hands-on. I find it better to learn while listening and carrying the action throughout, because I will forget if I’m only told how to do it."

"I think the 'learning spark' comes from talking to people! Whether it’s friends of mine, conversations at work, (formerly) interviews for articles, or whatever. And then I like to go back, do some reading, and talk again. But I need there to be other people involved lol."

"As a learner, I’m very hands on and visual, so doing things like writing notes down or having something explained to me with visual examples helps."

"I learn things through video or pictures. I am more of a visual learner."

"YouTube is my best friend here. Whether it’s a short, practical 'how-to' video or a long form video essay from someone like ContraPoints or Tiffany Ferguson, I’m always learning something new from the comfort of my own bed."

What does your dream job look like?

"Working for myself; being able to build my own schedule; following my passion."

"Doing what I love and building something special with my friends."

"I’d like to be outside again! At least for some part of the day. And preferably working in a smaller, tighter group of people."

"Something that allows me to have work life balance! Bonus if it’s interesting and fun."

"Working on something that fosters creative freedom and that I feel passionate about. Being my own boss would be super cool. But I’m still trying to figure this out myself :)"

"Working for myself with a group of creative people, building things with my hands, giving opportunities to young folks who might not have access."

"I don’t dream of labor... but I would prefer to work for myself."

What motivates you in the workplace?

"Having both a strong peer group and mentor-level people to work alongside. Which sounds like a low bar, but it’s rarer than you might think!"

"I want to feel proud of the work I do. So often when people engage in small talk about work, they talk about how much they don’t like their field or their company or their job; I’m actively trying to avoid those things by finding joy in what I do like about work, because the alternative leads to negativity that I just don’t need in my life."

"Knowing that my team supports me and is willing to help me work towards my goals or in my tasks. I think knowing my teammates outside of their job as well encourages me. I can’t really explain it, but I just enjoy work more when I know them in that way."

What do they want to do for work?

"I think it certainly depends on who you ask, and where they fall on the Gen Z spectrum (older or younger). For instance, a recent survey of some Gen Zers on the younger end of the spectrum found that more wanted to be a YouTuber than an astronaut. Some, don’t even want to work at all and others are increasingly starting their own business. Personally, I don’t necessarily “want” to work, as much as I’d like to build a legacy, something I can be proud of."

"Speaking for myself, I’m still pretty uncertain. But for me and a lot of my peers, I think it’ll be less about what you “want” to do for work and more about what job gives you the off-the-job experience that you want: work/life balance, travel, disposable income for side projects, etc. Not to say the job itself is unimportant, but I think it’ll be weighed heavily against how it fits into or enables the life you want to live outside the office—maybe more so than the past."

"Like my colleague, I’m not obsessed with what job I get, but rather what experiences I accomplish. Plus, with today’s hustle culture and workaholism, I think a part of Gen Z prefers to distance themselves from obsessing over titles and professions. On another note, I’ve also noticed there’s been a huge spike in people, especially Gen Z, delving towards entrepreneurship and self-employment— and many of these jobs are often related to creative professions like crafting or being content creators. You can see a great example of this on TikTok, where there exists a trend where creatives promote their small businesses; more often than not, these are independent creatives looking to sell their art."

What values does Gen Z look for in an employer?

"A company culture that expands further than just getting the work done—what values does the company hold outside of a balance sheet (how are they building and promoting DE&I efforts, mitigating their carbon footprint or standing up for important social issues in an actually authentic way)? Also, a place where everyone feels like they have a seat at the table, regardless of seniority or their title."

"A company that emphasizes the importance of growth within the company, and outside of it"

"^Agree. It’s very easy to virtue signal these days, especially for large companies. At the same time, it’s usually pretty easy to figure out whether or not they’re truly investing their time and money in the efforts they talk about. Seeing positive growth in minority representation within the company, working with non-profit organizations, not only setting but actively meeting goals. These are things that will make me interested in an employer and would likely help keep me around for longer as well."

"I think a huge thing we look for is if the outward facing values of a company match up internally. For example, a company that touts sustainability practices cannot also have a workplace that devalues its employee with no benefits. Those discrepancies matter to us because at the end of the day, we have to be the ones working on the inside and not just working for the greater goals of the company"