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What does Gen Z really think about the TikTok bans?


"Personally I think my life would go on lol but I do think it would be a massive shift in terms of the social/entertainment landscape. There’s also some kind of iffy implications of a TikTok ban in terms of the lack of legislation in terms of privacy/mental health impacts caused by **other** online platforms but a [redacted] story for another day!"

"I would be sad because i feel like tiktok really does nurture an online community in a positive way - it’s so unfiltered and the majority of what i see on the platform is really positive. Everyone would just move over to instagram reels i think but it’s just not the same. Specifically the comments section </3"

"I feel like there’s going to be some way around them (maybe a little too optimistic about that) but if there’s not, Reels will likely become more of a go-to spot for creators. We’ve gotten so used to that style of content I don’t think it’s realistic to think it will just go away entirely."

"One less app for me to be on lol. I think if it happens, it’ll be fine and people will adapt to whatever new platform arises/move to IG, etc."

"I’m no shill for TikTok, but I feel like they’re being used as a scapegoat. All of the issues that Congress has outlined — addictive feeds, mysterious algorithms, digital surveillance — all pre-date the platform."

"Don't think much is gonna change ngl 🤷‍♂️"

Does Gen Z care about Twitter?

"I do! While I think the platform has undeniably decayed under El*n, I still go to it regularly to stay up on news, find articles, and tap into what other cursed discourse is happening."

"Not really… I think the last time I used Twitter was when I was 15 lol."

"No. I tried to join it in high school, but never got into it"

"No. Only time I check is for large pop culture events i.e. Grammys, Superbowl, Met Gala, etc. Images are posted there faster than IG usually."

"I’ve loved twitter more and more over the past year or so (not directly related to their leadership) but i find the quality of memes/pop culture to be better than instagram since it moves faster."

"Yes, I love Twitter, although I’ve noticed a drop in the quality of my feed recently, which has made me go on the app less."

"Twitter will always be my #1 favorite app with a bullet. Yeah elon is stupid but no social media will ever make me laugh and keep me up to date the way twitter can"

When you hear that something newsworthy happened (I.e. a celebrity death, a major hurricane), what’s your process to confirm whether the news is true and learn details?


"I’ll probably go to a legacy outlet (NYT, WSJ, FT) to check in. These are major newsrooms, so sometimes they’re a bit slower to break the news. If I’m not seeing anything, I’ll probably go on Twitter and check with journalists/media personalities that I follow. It’s admittedly a bit harder without the blue checks"

"Ngl i go to TikTok loll and then based on how many videos/evidence there is i’ll choose to believe it or not; i truly have no source of truth just vibes"

"9 times out of 10, I hear the news on Twitter (been using it for a decade 😅). I just check to see if legacy outlets or big update accounts tweet about what happened, and then I know it’s true"

"I google it then check Twitter to confirm. Another move I may make would be to check the page of said celebs family members for celeb news."

"Usually wait for the NYT push notification. For celeb news, if PopCrave posts it…it’s over (as in, it’s true lmao)."

"Twitter for sure lol then obviously google news"

"Just something reputable? 9/10x it’s the NYT or AP or something like that. But I wouldn’t say I like “seek out” those publications. It’s normally just one of the first few links in google search and then I click into one of those. "

"I usually just Google to see how many outlets covered it and skim headlines, and then I’ll read NYT."

how does gen z feel about Instagram?

"I don’t post often but i scroll lol. I think it’s fine? It’s mostly become another version of my news feed since I don’t really see my friends’ stuff that much. There’s nothingwrong with that it’s just not really a way to keep up with friends anymore, if at all it’s mostly over DM"

"Meh. I mostly send memes and news to my friends over DM. My algorithm seems to prioritize the same types of posts and creators so I only see content from about a quarter of the accounts I follow, which is frustrating."

"I scroll a lot but rarely ever post, and if I do it’s just a story rather than a grid post. Feel like the photo dump trend backfired on me and it makes me too nervous to post anything. My parents send me reels every so often, but I don’t ever look at reels on my own. Most of the stuff I view on IG is other peoples stories, so much of my actual feed is overwhelmed with publications posting ab stuff, stories is where i see what my actual friends are up to"

"Posting to grid is kind of lame and I feel like I keep missing my friends’ posts on my feed too. Def use the feed to mostly keep up with brands I like (new products, sales, etc.). I do like posting to stories/watching other people’s stories and swiping up to talk to them though. At this point it’s more of a Facebook vibe, a place for me to “network” and figure out who knows who."

"I def use it to keep up with friends/ppl in my network via their stories. I'm a sucker for the ads and often buy things directly from IG. Def use my explore page for nail art/styling inspo. I post to the grid probs once a quarter just bc i like posting pics, but it does make me nervous for some reason. Hate that things aren’t in chronological order. I have a finsta that I used to be very active on - but now I mainly lurk with it lol."

"I mostly just watch stories, use DMs, and post a photo dump every few months or so when I feel like it. I don’t even scroll the feed! Too many posts about people I don’t care about. I’ve tried adding people I actually know to my “Favorites” but forget to go to that tab sometimes. IG is also where I go to hear about events/parties/shows, but I think that’s dependent on what kind of scene/crowd you’re a part of."

"Every time I say I’m going to quit IG I just end up coming back LOL. I use it a lot to message friends, especially the ones who live in different countries than me. I like watching stories and posting stories a lot and also use it to keep up with family as well. I’ve also made a conscious decision to only follow people I care about/accounts I can get inspo from (fashion, workout, nail designs, etc). Also love my explore page at the moment because it’s all cute animals!"

"IG is definitely where I spend most of my time when I need my little dose of scrolling. Not much of a poster but like skimming stories and posting some funky pictures on my feed. Still love the platform but I wish it could go back to less of a TikTok wanna be and more of a place where I can see pictures of my friends!"

"Love to post a story– have almost no pix on my grid and don’t see that ever changing lol. I watch stories but only of the ppl i care about and I’ll occasionally scroll the grid for a bit but as soon as I see some weird cringe promotional shit I know it’s time to stop lol"

What newsletters does Gen Z love?


"The Unpublishable, After School, Read Max"

"Probably too many, and not sure that it’s indicative of a larger “what Gen Z reads” trend, but here are a few of my favorites: Garbage Day, Dirt, Axios (AM/PM), Blackbird Spyplane."

"Call me millennial but I still love TheSkimm - it’s so digestible and easy to read on my commute to see what the headlines are that day."

"Hear me out: Dracula Daily. Also +1 to Blackbird Spyplane. I also read NYT’s The Morning."

"+1 BBSP, RIP, Perfectly Imperfect, Haley Nahman’s Maybe Baby, Dirt, NY Mag’s Are You Coming?, Embedded, Jo Rosenthal"

"Dinner Party from NYMag’s Tirhakah Love and Hunter Harris’s Hung Up"

What shows have you been binging?


"The Glory"

"Succession, Survivor, The Bureau"

"YELLOWJACKETS. It gives me bad dreams but I love it."

"Always rewatching Girls (HBO) haha, had a very big Gossip Girl phase, the only current Big Television shows I participate in are Succession and…Emily in Paris"

"Girls, Succession, TLOU"

"Yellowjackets & Succession"

"White Lotus, succession, sex lives of college girls (HBO supremacy is real)"

"cyberpunk: edgerunners, chainsawman, attack on titan, spy x family, bojack horseman, severance, new girl, dance moms"

"Currently: Swarm, Succession. In general: anything HBO makes, Vanderpump Rules and other reality TV. TBH I spend a lot more time watching gaming content on YouTube and Twitch so not a ton of TV in my rotation."

"Just got into Shrinking which gives off Ted Lasso vibes but usually How I Met Your Mother"

"Shamefully, Arrested Development and Psych, both did not age well. And love TLC reality tv"

"All of the Real Housewives (i’m on Beverly Hills rn)"

Do you listen to the radio?



"Nope. I only hear the radio when it’s playing in an Uber or cab."

"No but a lot of new music discovery platforms and IRL spaces marketed to the older Gen Z/young Millennial sets position themselves as kind of radio-esque like NTS Radio, Cashmere Radio, and Rise Radio (Poolside was also formerly Poolside FM, ofc). I keep loose tabs on what they’re all up to."

"Only when I’m not in my own car."

"Only when my bluetooth doesn’t work."


"I prefer silence over radio."

"Yes, because I still want all the tea from Ryan’s Roses. I also grew up listening to COAST 103.5 FM (if you’re in Los Angeles or Orange County you might be familiar with it) and love listening to the voice of their Morning Show Hosts, Ellen K. When I started hosting my own podcast, I literally tried to emulate her voice."

"I listen to 'radio' on Apple music that is created by either music curators or musicians. Stuff like Frank Ocean’s Blonded Radio, Vince Staples’ Ramona Radio, Travis Scott’s .wav Radio, and more. They have a radio feel since there is discussion displaced throughout the episodes, but rarely do I listen to them live. On occasion I will listen to NPR while I work to stay up on current events."

Which sites / apps / curators do you go to for music recommendations?

"My friends are actually my #1 source of music recommendations, followed very closely by TikTok. So many great indie pop songs floating around that I’ve incorporated into my playlists over the past year because I heard them in a 15 or 30 second aesthetic video."

"Yes friends! I have a few friends I follow on Apple Music and a few collaborative playlists on Spotify. And also—don’t hate me—the Time Crisis show with Ezra Koenig on Apple Music is a good source at times. I also love an old-fashioned 'YouTube recommended' dive if I’m feeling bored, Zillennial that I am."

"Haha well most recently, other people’s Spotify Wrapped screenshots!"

"My friends! Or YouTube honestly. Sometimes I’ll find a really deep cut. Also, Shazam is one of the most underrated and under-utilized apps out there."

"TikTok and Spotify serve me the best recommendations."

Do you prefer ebooks, audiobooks, or physical?


"Physical books all the way! Try as I might, I can’t get into ebooks or audiobooks. Even podcasts over 30min are sometimes pushing it..."

"Physical books for sure, but I do like my Kindle when I’m traveling just because I can “pack” so many books without taking up any real space in my backpack. Plus sometimes I want to read trash romance books and people don’t need to see those book covers."

"Definitely physical books. I’ve never been able to get with the ebooks."

"Audio and physical books! I like the feeling of reading a physical book, but sometimes I don’t have time to whip it out or just can’t because I’m driving or don’t feel like straining my eyes (I have below negative 5 vision and work on the laptop all day)."

"Physical books 100%, but I think audiobooks can be really nice on a plane or car ride if I’m in a certain mood. I struggle to read longform content on an ebook though."

"Physical books for sure. I’m a snob tho, I judge a book by its cover."

Does Gen Z actually care about the metaverse?


"Of course, it’s the future. And any brand that doesn’t have a CMO (chief metaverse officer) within the next 5-10 years, will fall behind. But I will say that I don’t want the virtual world to completely supplant IRL. Like Sean Monahan said: “URL [should] serve IRL—not replace it.” I like going to concerts, bars, sports games, even the office. I don’t really have interest in doing that through a screen. I think the answer to this question probably depends when you were born on the Gen Z spectrum. If you’re a “Zillennial,” I think you don’t care that much (as in, are not on Minecraft all day), but if you’re on the younger end, I think you’ll spend far more time in the Metaverse."

"I think most of us (outside of marketing) don’t really know what the 'metaverse' is even though we use a version of it on Fortnite, Roblox and even Minecraft. I think over the next few years, as it expands and brands start to stake their claim in the space, it’ll start to take shape more and I believe more POVs will begin to form. As of now, the term is mostly associated with gamer culture, which has gone from being a fringe activity to mainstream."

"I do and I don’t. As someone relatively new to gaming and internet 'discourse,' I think it’s an interesting time to be a part of virtual communities and networks. But I’m not an early adopter on most things, and the metaverse is no different. I feel like I’m going to take this early stage a bit passively—read some articles, maybe buy some Bitcoin—and see where I get."

What’re your thoughts on wearable technology?

"I’m not into it. I’m also someone who is very wary about data collection. But I do like my airpods if we’re counting those."

"Don’t care."

"Seems unnecessary? I can’t even be bothered to wear my Apple Watch most days."

"If it’s practical and makes what I do everyday easier (and doesn’t look ugly) then yeahhh I’m about it."

Do you use Robinhood or any other trading platform?

"I do! I use Robinhood, but I should probably use coinbase too.."

"I used to use Robinhood but moved all of my investing to Charles Schwab, since they have a partnership with my bank and it’s easy to consolidate/manage."

"I used to! Prior to the GameStop debacle."

"I tried, but now it’s just sitting there on my homescreen."

Does Gen Z understand NFTs?

"I don't think anyone understands NFTs. But, yes."

"Absolutely not"

"No, and I'm scared to."