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How do they invest?


"I use Robinhood since it makes it easy to put money into stocks and into companies I like/think will grow. I’m also not dealing with millions so it does a good job of dumbing it down for me lol."

"This is admittedly incredibly nihilistic and cynical but beyond allocating some money into my savings, I don’t invest due to my incredulousness in the future of the world."

"I lost a decent amount of money during the crypto bubble using Robinhood. I also have a separate brokerage account + 401K…"

"I use my 401k (tho I should def be putting more money in there… yikes). I bought a little AMC stock when that was a thing, but got confused by the taxes of it all to continue recreationally investing."

"I use (and love) M1 and Betterment. I also contribute to my 401k."

"Roth IRA all the way. I also have my 401k lol…"

"Roth/401, i invest in some crypto and also use Charles Shwab for investing in stocks and mutual funds."

Where do they get inspired?


"Usually from movies/TV & my instagram feed. Also my friends, I feel like whenever they talk passionately about something it makes me interested in finding out more (they usually have good taste)."

"Been really into old magazines and Pinterest recently."

'Pinterest, artists/musicians, those aesthetic videos on TikTok weirdly."

"Friends/family, TikTok, books."

"Rihanna and Drag Race."

"Album Art, Youtube Creators."

"Literally just going outside. I try to get off screens as much as possible and just observe / notice things in the wild."

How much more is Gen Z willing to pay for sustainable CPG products?

"I think this question is difficult to quantify out of context, but generally speaking sustainability is a top value of mine and I would be willing to pay a decent amount more for products that align with my priorities."

"Depends what it is, but I’m usually choosing the cheaper option or the one that I recognize most/have bought in the past."

"Generally like 10-20% more."

"If it’s a good product I would buy it!"

"Sustainability feels oversold. Does what's in the packaging work?"

Does Gen Z actually like the taste of coffee or are they simply looking for a vehicle to carry their cold foam, sugar, and creamer?


"Oof the dig 😭ngl I do love my coffee on the sweeter side tho. Coffee comes in so many different forms right now so if you mean like a plain strong cold brew then its not really for me but if we’re talking french press, macchiato, cappuccino, latte I’m here for it all."

"I love the taste of coffee! I think I’m probably in the minority when it comes to fellow Gen Zers, but I’m obsessed with the bitterness of black coffee and have zero interest in any add-ons."

"I think I learned to enjoy the taste of coffee because of the association with “waking up” and feeling more energized. That said, I wouldn’t choose to drink it black and like it much more when it has some sort of milk/sweetener."

"I like the taste! Any type of sweetener/creamer is too much. I think that stuff (the frappucinos of the world) are coffee gateways, it’s like what you drink in 6th-9th grade. Then you graduate to the real stuff (regular coffee, milk/black, maybe a little bit of sugar)."

"I personally love coffee, can drink decaf espresso straight but I do enjoy it more with some milk. I think drinking iced coffee is an experience though – going to the coffee shop, buying it, drinking it, the feeling after, so it’s more than just the taste."

"Coffee isn’t that good to me. Prefer a tea."

What do you think about butterflies?

"They’re cool I guess. Haven’t seen one in a while ngl."

"Don’t see them often but they’re pretty! I like them in designs/jewelry."

"I’m into them! Why not lol."

"Really pretty in theory but lowkey kinda scary if they’re near me."

"One of the good ones when it comes to bugs."

"Phenomenal creatures."

"Majestic - probably my favorite insect."

"I have a love/hate relationship with them. Part of me thinks they’re disgusting and the other part of me thinks they’re a spirit guide. When I went through my spiritual “healing” phase during the pandemic (lol) I thought they were a “sign” from the universe that better things were coming. However, if it landed on me, I would lose several years of my life from the stress."

"Symbol of youth, freedom, rebirth."

"Is it bad I thought of butterfly tramp stamps?"

What does Gen Z think about diversity in the tv industry?


"Always think that there is room for improvement, but I do feel like certainly since the mid aughts/even early 2010s there is substantially more representation on-screen."

"An ok job at on-screen representation (we’ve come a long way), but hear from friends who work in the industry that there is not much diversity in writers, crew, directors, etc."

"I feel like it's gotten better compared to previous years which is encouraging but still has a long way to go."

"Agree with all the above. I think there’s more of a concerted effort to showcase different voices than ever before but there’s still a lot of work to be done."

"It’s gotten a little better, but there’s so much work left to improve diversity across the board — including staff bts."

What did Gen Z think of The Grammy's?


"Didn’t watch it since I’m not really into award shows lol. But I saw a few clips on IG after and I liked the Tracy Chapman & Luke Combs Fast Car cover. Also really agreed with what Jay-Z said about music being subjective!"

"I think a lot of us would tune in primarily for the fashion and the performances because we realize the awards themselves can’t really be taken seriously. A Black woman not winning AOTY for 25 years?? Insanity."

"Only watch it for the fashion and performances but even some of the performances are nothing special to me. The best part is watching X blow up with funny memes of speeches!"

"I love watching every year and thought it was the most entertaining one they’ve had in a while. Appreciated that women dominated the nominations but agree with the above answer regarding it not being serious due still having racial issues."

Do you like KPOP?


"I haven't really gotten into it too much but I know they’ve been having a pretty big moment the past few years. I did have a BTS song on my playlist back in 2019 if that is any indication."

"Love KPOP - started listening to in 2017 and became a fan of the music and more importantly their shows and movies."

"Yes- love the group New Jeans and think they’re going to continue to grow in 2024."

"Kpop is fun! I don’t listen to it much on my own terms but I’m never mad when I hear it (except Butter... that song is played out 😅)."

"1000%. There’s so much solid music coming out lately that’s K-pop, and a lot of second gen artists are even making comebacks..I love to see it 🥳."

What do you wish you had more of?


"Money & time lol"

"^ Same, also days that i could truly be “offline”"

"Time to explore my passions outside of work."

"Money and time as well lol, and space in my apartment…"

"Time to be offline, hours to do artwork"

"Moneyyyyy honestly and time so ditto to everything above lol"

Why do Gen Z job hop?


"Most likely because they have high expectations about the workplace and what to expect from it (with particular emphasis on work life balance, etc.). This shift was happening prior to the pandemic, but I think that supercharged it."

"I agree with the above and also hope that Gen Z will be better employees and managers in the long term for it: more adaptive/experienced in a range of work settings (for good and bad) and understanding of the opportunities and incentives (ie. work-life balance) that keep teams engaged in the long run."

"Don’t think I have really job hopped too much but I think it has to do with gaining more experience, it shows you are dynamic, and it helps you move up the totem pole a little quicker. Also money (maybe)?"

What type of events and parties do you normally go to?


"I’m not picky! I’ll do whatever, really. House party, small function, concert, bar, etc."

"I’ll go wherever my friends are going tbh."

"Up for whatever but ideally at a high fun-per-dollar value lol (but i will spend a lot of it’s really worth it/a once in a lifetime type experience)."

"I go to some of the bigger shows in nyc like Keinemusik and Black Coffee but honestly I love a good house party."

How do you connect with your Latino culture?


"wtf im gonna cry this is saur cute i love this question waaah – personally i think my biggest influence is through music & food! with music i’ve seen how popular and mainstream it has become and it makes me so happy to know that i can share these experiences with alot of my latine friends because we grew up in a world thinking that would NEVER be the case so its cool to see how it has manifested to be something so widely known and experienced. with food this is definitely a way that we would spend time together as a family and also show our appreciation and love for each other (for example its a joke that latine parents wont apologize, but they’ll bring you a plate of cut up fruit instead) i also just love teaching others about my culture and food is just always common ground when it comes to that. one last thing and im done lol – but being a minority and having experienced racism first hand and with my parents just makes me that more passionate about staying grounded in my culture and continuing to keep these traditions alive for my family back in puerto rico rooting for me (im not done but this could easily turn into an essay so im done lol)."

"For whatever reason, I’ve been thinking a lot about my culture this year, and how I connect to it. Plainly put, I haven’t been doing the best at making sure my roots are strong, but it’s something I really want to prioritize next year. Ever since my grandmother moved to the states, my family has become super Americanized (to the point my cousins, siblings and I don’t even speak Spanish), and it makes me so sad, because our culture is beautiful and full of life! My mother’s generation is the last to really keep it going, and I don’t want to lose it as time goes on. With all of that being said, I’ve been looking forward to actually learning Spanish and getting in the kitchen because everyone does not make arroz con habichuelas the same. When I’m really homesick (all my family is in Philly/Jersey), I listen to Aventura and Marc Anthony, and act like I’m in a club dancing bachata."

"A lot of my friends and my boyfriend are Hispanic so that definitely helps! Music is big for me as well too, I speak in Spanglish pretty often at home, and I’m very much on LatinoTok lol so it’s a bunch of little things added together for me."

How do young people feel about brands texting them vs emailing them?


"I’ve blocked so many brands over text and it never seems to work and makes me actively so annoyed. Please delete my number."

"I feel like brands always want us to sign up for texts for promotions - like 15% off your order if you sign up for texts, which I do for the discount but then i immediately unsubscribe."

"Really not a fan of marketing emails or texting at all. Let’s get rid of “hey bestie” texts from brands. You’re not my friend—or my bestie! I don’t really want to interact with you as such, either."

"Don't text or email just share it on social! We all follow our favorite brands."

"Don’t text me and only email me if there’s a sale LOL. i love coupons!"

"Agree with above! I feel like I don’t really like when brands reach out to me. I follow the brands I like but if you are bombarding me it’s kinda a turn off."

"If I have to text STOP one more time… It’s always HEY BESTIE! Or Bernie Sanders needs $5 more from me…"

"Pls don’t."

Why is horror such an important genre to Gen Z?


"I wouldn’t say it’s “such an important genre to gen z” lol (horror has always been kind of a go-to “youth” genre I think). But i do think there’s been a lot of really interesting genre-bending and depth to recent films of Jordan Peele’s and the A24 Pearl anthology which is prompting people—Gen Z included—to go back through the horror canon and rediscover the older films that inspired them."

"I dont care about horror at all LOL."

"Maybe it’s a good outlet for real world horrors. Almost a catharsis, or lets us feel more in control because we know the ending…can’t say the same thing about existing every day."

"Just to feel something I guess."

"My theory is it’s an attention span thing!"

Why does Gen Z have so much anxiety?


"Have you seen the world we grew up in?"

"Social media doesn’t help, cost of living is astronomical. I could go on."

"We are all in debt and are not paid enough to combat it. With social media, we are able to be acutely aware of the significant humanitarian and environmental problems in the world— social media also makes it almost impossible to not compare yourself to others or worry about how others perceive you."


"Imma vouch for bullet #3 as well and will add that some very formative years were spent in isolation during a global pandemic and everything about life seems uncertain."

"Agree with all. We are growing up in a time of intense pressure."

"There’s a lot to be anxious about. Most mentioned above, but mainly a faltering “American Dream,” mercurial politicians who are all pretty dull (or just too old), the sky turns orange pretty regularly, and the rate of technological innovation can’t really keep up with any regulation or parameters. All kind of a long island iced tea of anxiety—which is to say—there’s a lot of stuff in there and none of it is very good."

What does yeet mean?

"Don’t really use yeet that often but think you say it when throwing something kinda aggressively lol or when shit is lit?"

"Throwing something or agreeing with something."

"It’s a sentence ender that expresses forcefulness (like when you throw something far or want to emphasize feeling strongly about something)."

"To throw something… 2014 was peak yeet popularity (shoutout to vine)."

"It’s pretty irrelevant at this point. I wouldn’t stress about it!"

How does Gen Z recruit for a new job? Are networking events and job fairs a thing of the past?


"I always found networking events kind of cringey and difficult to navigate. I always scoffed at the “you have to make connections and build your network” saying, but I have found that the best route (or one of the best routes) is to try and ask around your inner circle and then build out from there (getting coffee with a friend of a friend, for example). Either way, I feel very lucky to have landed a job pre-covid. I think the landscape is probably very different now in terms of recruiting/finding a job."

"I typically find networking events/fairs a little awkward as well, but have enjoyed smaller, “pseudo-networking” happy hours and breakfasts where I know a few already people already and meet a few more. Generally I lean on peer-level friends to hear about new opportunities or to get intro’d to cool people."

"^^ agreed, i definitely feel like the biggest barrier to entry especially with people my age, freshly out of college is just not knowing where to look, who to reach out to, etc. im sure imposter syndrome plays such a big role in this as well – companies, agencies, etc. that are looking to recruit should really look towards building an AUTHENTIC work environment curated towards the next generation, helping them overcome mental blocks and build up their confidence by leading through example."

"I usually look online for work on typical job sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. Lately with the increase of virtual events, I’ve seen a lot of online networking events and even online job/recruiting fairs, which I think is awesome. For job fairs, companies should definitely increase their accessibility (ie. making events virtual) to reach as big of a Gen Z audience as possible."

"Think it depends on the industry. I have friends in tech who find conferences really helpful because they’re usually centered around recruiting and the companies have the infrastructure to host live interviews, resume reviews, etc. Most people I know who work in more creative industries find jobs online or through personal contacts."

"Honestly, I haven't been to a job fair since high school and don’t know what I’d even do at one lol. But I usually take the online route to look for jobs too. I have also banked on connections I’ve made in the industry or sent out some blind emails."

"I’ve never really had a job opportunity come out of a networking event/job fair, so I don’t really go out of my way to attend them. I find job opportunities by networking with and reaching out to friends, who can introduce me to their friends, and so forth, and will do the same for others if they need help finding a job."

"I think it’s much easier (and less anxiety-inducing) to ask a mutual connection to put you in touch with a recruiter or industry professional to meet one-on-one. Networking events can sometimes feel competitive, and there’s a lot of pressure with figuring out the right way to follow up and stay in touch with who you meet."

What slang are we not using anymore?


"I think the cap train kinda died. Maybe vibes too."

"coded > vibes"

"The power of slay is dwindling"

"It’s tough to call out “slang” that’s no longer in use because most of these words are born out of Black or queer communities – so while they may seem to be out of style across the internet, most words are still in use by the folks who created them in the first place."

"^ highkey retweet"

What does Gen Z think about their college texting them?


"I usually just get emails from my college but never really look at them. Feel like they already got enough use out of me lol but maybe when I’m old and don’t have much to do I’ll start taking them more seriously ??"

"The most obnoxious - even worse when they call me. They’re looking for more money at the end of the day and my tuition should have been enough LOL."

"I pretty much delete immediately. They don’t need any more money, much less from me."

"I haven’t personally ever gotten a text from my college but I think it’d feel super automated/impersonal. I think emails are better."

"I need them to put an end to reaching out to me. There’s no need. Y’all just put me in debt, stressed me out, and now ya want more money? No. Bye."

"How much more money do you want/need?"

What Does Gen Z like About Halloween?


"Kinda a good excuse to throw a party and dress up crazy. It’s always fun to see a swarm of weird characters brought together. Also, who doesn’t love a good costume party??"

"I feel like it’s all about the energy and decorations."

"I like the general ~spooky energy~ and the fact that anyone can wear whatever they want with minimal judgment. Dressing up on halloween is how a lot of drag queens/kings get their start 🥲so a surprisingly wholesome day if you think about it lol."

"I like seeing how creative people can get with their costumes. I feel like they’ve gotten really niche too, based on niche internet creators or micro trends. I bet we’re going to see an annoying amount of “Planet of the Bass” costumes this year."

"I like that everyone can be whoever they want. I also love seeing people’s creativity come to life and when people express themselves. I also LOoOoOoOoooVE scary stuff so Halloween is one of my favorite holidays."

What Influencer or Celebrity Do You Look Up To?


"Wouldn’t say I look up to too many influencers but definitely enjoy their content and pull alot inspo from them. Big fan of aestheticy and fashion influencers kinda like Chris Lager & Obed Dagnon. As for celebrities, maybe Drake? Just cause he kinda does whatever he wants and anything he touches turns to gold lol. But most people I look up to would be athletes kinda Jaylen Brown, Caleb Dressel, Steph Curry, etc."

"I like Jonah Weiner. He (and his wife) write Blackbird Spyplane. I feel like I’m more inspired by writers/substackers than actual influencers."

"If anything, I’d say I’m inspired by the craft and work ethic of legends like Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar. Recently went to the Renaissance concert at MetLife Stadium, and stood in complete awe for about… five minutes during the show, just thinking about the amount of dedication it has taken for Beyonce to be where she is at this exact moment. Imagine running the game (and being the best to do it) at the age of 40."

"Rihanna. I definitely don’t have billionaire aspirations lol but she’s been a constant in my life for almost 20 years and I’ve always been inspired by all of her achievements across industries as well as her beauty."

"I’ve always been a huge Taylor Swift fan and I’m definitely inspired by her work ethic and drive to make others happy. I also appreciate that she puts her money where her mouth is - she compensates her team, and donates publicly to causes she cares about (including political ones). I don’t really look up to influencers - I feel like a lot of them are not necessarily good people. I mainly only follow them for aethetic influence or home/fashion ideas."

What are colors and styles Gen Z loves?


"I personally rock with neutrals but definitely have a few items in the wardrobe that pop a little more if we are feeling funky (something that gives matisse poster). As for style: baggy = everything. Also can’t hate on the pearls, kinda love that trend."

"Small top & baggy bottoms, or baggy top & baggy bottoms, gorpcore, monochrome."

"Love a neutral. I feel like really poppy, bright colors were trendy last year but this year it’s leaning a little more towards pastels? Idk though, that’s just anecdotal—don’t quote me! There’s also the never-ending churn of TikTok “styles”—tomato girl, indie sleaze, etc— which end up shaping fast fashion trends/marketing regardless of how truly “trending” they were when first coined."

"Lichrully anything oversized with some platform boots; have also been seeing coquette come back into style too especially with accessories like ribbons, bows, lacquer stockings, etc - the soft alternative girlies are winning! And to your point about color, i’ve been seeing alot about how people’s closets only consist of black clothes (me included lol)."

"I've been seeing stark white trending more than ever this summer — the “LES girl” style is heavy on a long white skirt. White tanks have always been trending but seeing them more than ever around the city on men/women/nonbinary ppl and celebrities. Brown is also huge this year and I am definitely on that wave. Lime green also. As for styles, I always love a gender neutral or bending look (women and men swapping traditionally gendered items like ties & skirts), baggy pieces, coquette style, a classy vintage look (60s inspired, pearls, slicked hair, long gloves, loafers, etc). Personally, I think in years past it was more of a trend to be bold with crazy fits and now I am seeing people my age group dress more subdued, intentional and curated (but maybe that's just part of growing up haha)."

"IMO “Gen Z style” simultaneously prioritizes self-expression & following trends (specifically TikTok cores).. so… a weird dichotomy lol. As for my personal style, I wear whatever I want—it’s never about following a trend because I never want to look like anyone else and I recognize the insanely short span of time that trendy items are “in.” My wardrobe is black and tight and consists of one pair of shoes (Doc Martens 4L)!"

"Black, white, beige, repeat."

Do you believe in the American Dream?


"I believe in the George Carlin quote: “you have to be asleep to believe it.” It doesn’t have to be like this! But the reality, is that there are so many structural disadvantages at play (that are continuing to grow, I might add), that act as an impediment to the “dream.” Waiting for someone to run for office who can articulate this, and reimagine what the dream could be."

"Agree with the above. I like to think that it would be possible to believe in it but I wouldn’t say that I do."

"Absolutely not lol. Setbacks of race, gender, class, etc. aside–what is the “dream” anyway? Financial success?"

"Nope. In a country built on oppression, what dream could there possibly be for me to believe in? :/"

How does Gen Z feel about religion? Have most abandoned religion altogether?

"I’m not really religious at all, which I think is just due to my parents never taking us to church or synagogue. I feel like Gen Z looks to astrology for meaning more than they look for traditional religion."

"I grew up religious but dropped it in high school. I think a majority have abandoned organized religion due to a myriad of reasons and find other ways to make sense of the world around them."

"I was raised religious, but dropped it in high school. I think the timing has to do with forming your own morals and values as you come of age. Certainly I take a novel interest in astrology (as a lot of Gen Zers do), and I think it’s made me interested in the concept of ~spirituality~ but definitely not organized religion. I think Gen Zers see 'The Church' as antithetical to their values, but also I’m thinking in the lens of Christianity/Catholicism. Would be interesting to hear from people of other religious upbringings."

"My grandparents are very religious (Baptist/Christian) and made me and my siblings go to bible school during the summer and sometimes during the school week. I never really felt a strong connection to religion though, really just liked spending time with kids my age and receiving free snacks (lol). I almost feel like as I get older, I’m becoming more religious just because it feels easier to cope with challenges when you have someone to pray to."

"I definitely did not abandon it as I still celebrate the major holidays and gather with family. I think after I was Bat Mizvahed at age 13 I lost touch with it as I wasn’t going to Hebrew school anymore or studying the Torah. I think in college was when I really lost touch with it since I was not going to temple on the holidays with my parents. Since then my family has stopped going to temple but we still believe in it and celebrate it but it's more of a way to gather as a family."

"Religion is a scary word because of its connotations historically and even presently but overall, I identify as spiritual which feels less oppressive than organized religion even though I do participate in religious activities that stem from my spiritual beliefs. But overall I think there are more secretly 'religious' Gen Zers than we think, we’re just trying not to associate ourselves with the problematic histories of some of them."

"I don’t hold it in the same regard as my parents do and a lot of news outlets have revealed some scary and unsettling information related to the religion, so I don’t really see it as a necessary part of my life. I do appreciate it for the teachings and morals it has instilled in me, but these can be taught outside of religion as well."

"I was raised in a Buddhist household, but I’m not very religious. Just be kind, that’s all."

How can Gen X help?

"Continue to be open minded to change."

"Drop any preconceived notions or stereotypes at the door."

"I love Gen X! There’s an interesting article in Wired actually about the similarities in sensibility and humor between Xers and Zers. Keep bein’ you <3"

"Invest in programs that transfer generational wealth to those who have to start from scratch."

"Understand that differences or different upbringings aren’t bad or weird. It’s just different. I grew up with Nintendo and loved it, so of course I bought the Nintendo Switch now as a 22 year old. I definitely still get the weird side-eye from my parents and older relatives about buying it, but they’d do the same with whatever childhood thing they grew up with."

"Educate themselves on racial/social disparities, invest in our generation, implement extreme sustainable practices, and develop empathy."

How are you investing in yourself?

"I ask myself this every day. I’m really trying to spend less time in front of a screen and more time reading and writing."

"I’m forcing myself to become a morning person, that way I can spend time before work either exercising, reading, journaling, etc. I want to put a more concerted effort into doing things beneficial for me to start my day on the right foot."

"I signed up for personal training and it got me to enjoy fitness more with a healthier mindset."

What’s one thing that Millennials can do to set Gen Z up for success?

"Be open."

"^^^periodt. Trying to understand why we feel or think a certain way and getting to know us where it feels relational and not transactional."

What is the Gen Z attitude towards the different generations, e.g. Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z? Is it more like, “I’m Gen Z and Millennials are aliens,” or more like, “Eh we’re all humans, what’s the point of dividing us into different groups.”

"I know there are deeper similarities between Gen Z and other generations, like shared experiences and stuff. But I definitely see a difference in mindset between the generations. Not trying to say Millennials are foreign to Gen Z and are so different, because I think we’re more similar than we may think."