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How does Gen Z feel about religion? Have most abandoned religion altogether?

"I’m not really religious at all, which I think is just due to my parents never taking us to church or synagogue. I feel like Gen Z looks to astrology for meaning more than they look for traditional religion."

"I grew up religious but dropped it in high school. I think a majority have abandoned organized religion due to a myriad of reasons and find other ways to make sense of the world around them."

"I was raised religious, but dropped it in high school. I think the timing has to do with forming your own morals and values as you come of age. Certainly I take a novel interest in astrology (as a lot of Gen Zers do), and I think it’s made me interested in the concept of ~spirituality~ but definitely not organized religion. I think Gen Zers see 'The Church' as antithetical to their values, but also I’m thinking in the lens of Christianity/Catholicism. Would be interesting to hear from people of other religious upbringings."

"My grandparents are very religious (Baptist/Christian) and made me and my siblings go to bible school during the summer and sometimes during the school week. I never really felt a strong connection to religion though, really just liked spending time with kids my age and receiving free snacks (lol). I almost feel like as I get older, I’m becoming more religious just because it feels easier to cope with challenges when you have someone to pray to."

"I definitely did not abandon it as I still celebrate the major holidays and gather with family. I think after I was Bat Mizvahed at age 13 I lost touch with it as I wasn’t going to Hebrew school anymore or studying the Torah. I think in college was when I really lost touch with it since I was not going to temple on the holidays with my parents. Since then my family has stopped going to temple but we still believe in it and celebrate it but it's more of a way to gather as a family."

"Religion is a scary word because of its connotations historically and even presently but overall, I identify as spiritual which feels less oppressive than organized religion even though I do participate in religious activities that stem from my spiritual beliefs. But overall I think there are more secretly 'religious' Gen Zers than we think, we’re just trying not to associate ourselves with the problematic histories of some of them."

"I don’t hold it in the same regard as my parents do and a lot of news outlets have revealed some scary and unsettling information related to the religion, so I don’t really see it as a necessary part of my life. I do appreciate it for the teachings and morals it has instilled in me, but these can be taught outside of religion as well."

"I was raised in a Buddhist household, but I’m not very religious. Just be kind, that’s all."

How can Gen X help?

"Continue to be open minded to change."

"Drop any preconceived notions or stereotypes at the door."

"I love Gen X! There’s an interesting article in Wired actually about the similarities in sensibility and humor between Xers and Zers. Keep bein’ you <3"

"Invest in programs that transfer generational wealth to those who have to start from scratch."

"Understand that differences or different upbringings aren’t bad or weird. It’s just different. I grew up with Nintendo and loved it, so of course I bought the Nintendo Switch now as a 22 year old. I definitely still get the weird side-eye from my parents and older relatives about buying it, but they’d do the same with whatever childhood thing they grew up with."

"Educate themselves on racial/social disparities, invest in our generation, implement extreme sustainable practices, and develop empathy."

How are you investing in yourself?

"I ask myself this every day. I’m really trying to spend less time in front of a screen and more time reading and writing."

"I’m forcing myself to become a morning person, that way I can spend time before work either exercising, reading, journaling, etc. I want to put a more concerted effort into doing things beneficial for me to start my day on the right foot."

"I signed up for personal training and it got me to enjoy fitness more with a healthier mindset."

What’s one thing that Millennials can do to set Gen Z up for success?

"Be open."

"^^^periodt. Trying to understand why we feel or think a certain way and getting to know us where it feels relational and not transactional."

What is the Gen Z attitude towards the different generations, e.g. Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z? Is it more like, “I’m Gen Z and Millennials are aliens,” or more like, “Eh we’re all humans, what’s the point of dividing us into different groups.”

"I know there are deeper similarities between Gen Z and other generations, like shared experiences and stuff. But I definitely see a difference in mindset between the generations. Not trying to say Millennials are foreign to Gen Z and are so different, because I think we’re more similar than we may think."