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What type of branded content would you most likely interact with?

"I think branded content that leans informational vs. trying to be cool or funny."

"Probably if it’s a giveaway?"

"This question always feels like a trap haha, but I don’t think there’s a 'type' per se, I just have to be caught off guard and not realize it’s branded immediately."

"Those that don’t look branded."



Why do you buy vintage clothing?


"Because something that’s 'new' doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s more desirable. Tends to be cheaper and (if you go to spots that aren’t overrun, there are some really solid finds)."

"I like the sustainability aspect of it. And I enjoy the shopping experience for vintage more than buying new, online and off."

"^Likewise, a large part of why I prefer thrifting or shopping vintage is due to sustainability. I also just enjoy vintage shopping since my style is more attached to retro/ old aesthetics."

"I feel like anything I buy that's vintage is almost one of a kind. Nowadays you walk into a store and everyone is buying the same shirt that's trending or pants."

How do they treat their money?


"I vacillate between feeling the need to save a lot, and spending somewhat 'recklessly' on clothes, food, drinks, movies, etc. I saved a lot of money during COVID, so I think coming out of quarantine, I felt there was this need, not only to 'revenge spend,' but also this kind of (and I’m sorry in advance) YOLO mentality. You never know when the world might shut down, when you might not be able to see your friends or family for 18 months, so why not enjoy life when you can? But then, of course, I think I should probably start investing my money a bit more intelligently…"

"I have a very 'work hard, play hard' mentality when it comes to money. I invest pretty heavily through both a company-sponsored 401k and have auto-transfer on each month for my personal investment accounts, which make me feel better about the more unhinged spending I do. It’s all about balance, pun intended."

"Chaotic but I do try to save! Here’s a snapshot of some weekend purchases: 3x mezcal margs, 1x eBay book purchase, first ittie-bittie bit of Bitcoin."

Do you shop in store?


"I largely prefer to shop in person. If I’m shopping online, it’s either on eBay, or an impulse purchase. I really enjoy well curated retail stores—the design, the music, of course the ability to actually try the clothes on IRL."

"No, I do all my shopping online. I think it’s easier to see all of the options."

"I like shopping in person for clothing. I find shopping online a bit overwhelming and usually end up making more impulsive purchases than I do IRL (plus I’m bad at eye-balling my size in anything). For other things, like hair/beauty products, I prefer online and just get auto-refills on everything."

"I try to but lately I have found that the stores have nothing and there are more sales buying online vs. in person."

"I shop online I’d say 80% of the time. I reserve in-store shopping for random, spur of the moment decisions, going with friends after brunch, or if I’m buying something really expensive and want to make sure it’s the right size by trying on."

What is the most premium brand you’re interested in? Why?


"I’m a sucker for Apple, if we’re counting them as a premium brand. I just really like clean, sleek design and technology. I've also been really intrigued by Frank Ocean's new jewelry brand, Homer. Is it out of my price range? Yes, of course, but I've been constantly flipping through the zine for visual inspo, and I love the playful aspect of each of the pieces he rolled out."

"Nicer cookware brands like Alessi and Le Creuset. From a design standpoint, I like the weight of them—they're sturdy, built to last for the kitchen. I also like the idea of investing in my home for the long run, and not necessarily taking the path of least resistance."

"Lately it’s been Gucci and Coach. I’m into their vintage style bags."

"I’ve really been into Jacquemus. Their IG feed is perfect, and I’ll take all of their super impractical bags in every colorway, please!"

"Vintage couture from Moschino, Versace or Vivienne Westwood. Also weirdly mattresses?"

"Miu Miu! I think it has to do with being nostalgic about the 2010s (which I’m more excited about than the Y2k trend, personally) and the “it girls” I love to follow who made it popular (and still wear it) like Alexa Chung and Chloë Sevigny."

"Prada. Their clothes aren’t too loud in print or too ‘trendy’. Most of their pieces are timeless and versatile!"