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What reasons trigger them to use dating apps?


"Breakups, finding love, hooking up, too scared to flirt IRL."

"Hiding behind a screen and afraid to talk to people in person."

"^ probably a symptom of Gen Z’s increasing social anxiety as well."

"^ all of that and it being generally tough to meet people IRL these days for some reason. Think people are spending more time behind screens rather than investing in hobbies that could lead them to connect with others. Instant gratification."

"A bad breakup, validation, boredom, being in a new city!"

"Vacationing in a city or town for over a week."

"Finding people in the city for dates or hook ups."

What will be the future trends in fashion?


"Hear me out. Gardening-core is up next."

"Leopard print 😍"

"I ~hope~ we see a return of personal style and not following microtrends!!"

"^^^ very this!!"

"Yes!^ I think that people will get tired of microtrends and we will return to a more normal fashion cycle."

"More gore tex, Outdoor wear, hiking & trail running shoes / gear."

Which hotel brands are your favorite?

"Marriott for sure. They always have a property in almost every destination I’ve been to and I like getting the points!"

"Don’t really have the money to stay in hotels so can't say that I have a favorite…"

"I love a Courtyard by Marriott tbh - I’ve stayed in them in Boston to visit friends — and literally pulled off the highway in a snowstorm just to find one. They always deliver."

"W hotels, Westin, Edition."

"The 1 Hotel – specifically the one on Sunset Blvd."

"I genuinely can’t remember the last time I stayed in a hotel…but me and my fam always loved Best Western haha."

How would you describe your social media habits / phone usage while you travel? Do you try to unplug or are you more active with posting?

"When traveling I usually tend to stay off my phone throughout the day and only scroll in the mornings and evenings since those are the less busy times of the day. But you best know I’ll be taking pictures all day to post things EOD/at the end of the trip."

"I always delete all my social media when I travel. If I post from trips, it’s when I get back."

"I don’t think my social media habits or phone usage really change at all when I’m traveling. If anything, maybe I’m forced to reduce my screen time when I’m traveling outside the US, but I will be looking for the wifi as soon as I get to the bnb or a cafe lol."

"I definitely try to take as many pictures for myself when I travel just for memory sake, but I also love to share where I am with people who follow my social accounts."

"Yes! Sometimes I’ll be in a car looking at my phone and then snap out of it because I realize I’m completely ignoring an entirely new city/experience."

Have you tried going on a digital detox? What are your thoughts on going ‘off grid?’

"Haven't tried a full detox but have definitely tried to limit my phone usage usually by leaving it at home if I need to run small errands or just being wary of my screen time. Would be fun to try a full detox tho!"

"I go off grid every chance I get. Whenever I visit my family, I completely power my phone down for at least 48 hours, knowing that I am in a safe environment. I’ve been doing consistently for years and it makes a huge difference in my wellness."

"I’ve never gone on a digital detox, nor have I ever had any interest in one. I think I have a healthy enough relationship with my phone/social media as it is, and I’m incredibly invested in staying in the know, so the idea of potentially feeling like I’m under a rock when I don’t have access to my phone gives me significantly more anxiety than my phone ever could."

"I haven’t tried doing a digital detox, but I do think there’s times when you shouldn’t be on your phone like out to dinner with friends, hanging out with family, etc."

"I haven’t. But I have been trying to not look at my phone the first thing I do when I wake up. Also putting it in other rooms when I’m working or watching TV."

How do they invest?


"I use Robinhood since it makes it easy to put money into stocks and into companies I like/think will grow. I’m also not dealing with millions so it does a good job of dumbing it down for me lol."

"This is admittedly incredibly nihilistic and cynical but beyond allocating some money into my savings, I don’t invest due to my incredulousness in the future of the world."

"I lost a decent amount of money during the crypto bubble using Robinhood. I also have a separate brokerage account + 401K…"

"I use my 401k (tho I should def be putting more money in there… yikes). I bought a little AMC stock when that was a thing, but got confused by the taxes of it all to continue recreationally investing."

"I use (and love) M1 and Betterment. I also contribute to my 401k."

"Roth IRA all the way. I also have my 401k lol…"

"Roth/401, i invest in some crypto and also use Charles Shwab for investing in stocks and mutual funds."

What are your thoughts on community?

"Feel like we’re definitely lacking a little bit of community in our lives. Personally I don't really have a community to lean on other than friends and family but maybe that’s enough?"

"I feel like a sense of community is definitely lacking – especially third spaces – for people my age… But I also see a lot of brands trying to artificially create community in a way that almost turns me off to them (the brands)? It’s a hard problem to solve… but one that can also feel really inauthentic."

"I think it’s become a buzzword."

"In terms of marketing, it’s become a buzzword, but having a true community (in friend circles, hobbies, extracurricular activities, or even work) is something I think people will always crave, but we’re lacking because of our phones, the demands of efficiency / productivity, and the mental health crisis."

"I think it has become somewhat of a buzzword as well – think that people can find community in third spaces (though dwindling) – but it’s a matter of putting effort into finding them, especially after college where access to people around you disperse into other areas of the world."

Where do they get inspired?


"Usually from movies/TV & my instagram feed. Also my friends, I feel like whenever they talk passionately about something it makes me interested in finding out more (they usually have good taste)."

"Been really into old magazines and Pinterest recently."

'Pinterest, artists/musicians, those aesthetic videos on TikTok weirdly."

"Friends/family, TikTok, books."

"Rihanna and Drag Race."

"Album Art, Youtube Creators."

"Literally just going outside. I try to get off screens as much as possible and just observe / notice things in the wild."

How can we sell you more coffee?

"Coffee at home vs out just hits a little different but those $8 coffees really do add up you know 😭."

"I am personally not someone who is looking for more ways to consume coffee, but I feel like Gen Z doesn’t really drink decaf (like after dinner coffee) so there’s an opportunity there, as well as mixing it in with smoothies?"

"I don’t want anymore coffee tbh! I’m trying to drink less of it but willing to hear out a strong argument “for”.

"I don’t think I need to be sold on buying any more coffee! Just keep it simple and strong."

"Less add ons (no sugar, milk, carmel) just a good black coffee."

Does Gen Z actually like the taste of coffee or are they simply looking for a vehicle to carry their cold foam, sugar, and creamer?


"Oof the dig 😭ngl I do love my coffee on the sweeter side tho. Coffee comes in so many different forms right now so if you mean like a plain strong cold brew then its not really for me but if we’re talking french press, macchiato, cappuccino, latte I’m here for it all."

"I love the taste of coffee! I think I’m probably in the minority when it comes to fellow Gen Zers, but I’m obsessed with the bitterness of black coffee and have zero interest in any add-ons."

"I think I learned to enjoy the taste of coffee because of the association with “waking up” and feeling more energized. That said, I wouldn’t choose to drink it black and like it much more when it has some sort of milk/sweetener."

"I like the taste! Any type of sweetener/creamer is too much. I think that stuff (the frappucinos of the world) are coffee gateways, it’s like what you drink in 6th-9th grade. Then you graduate to the real stuff (regular coffee, milk/black, maybe a little bit of sugar)."

"I personally love coffee, can drink decaf espresso straight but I do enjoy it more with some milk. I think drinking iced coffee is an experience though – going to the coffee shop, buying it, drinking it, the feeling after, so it’s more than just the taste."

"Coffee isn’t that good to me. Prefer a tea."

How do they view flavored sparkling water?

"Don’t drink it too often since I feel like it’s kinda overpriced for no reason but I do love sparkling water in general so if it was cheaper I’m here for it."

"I think flavored sparkling water is a good option for people who don’t like the taste of water and need to be convinced to drink it, but I am not one of those people and thus have no interest in it."

"I don’t like sparkling water and only drink it when still water isn’t an option."

"I like it! But I don't drink it everyday."

"I’m not a big fan of flavored water in general and I especially don’t like sparkling water."

"Ideally I just go plain seltzer with a lime/lemon slice (if I’m feeling fancy). If I have to go the flavored route, got to keep it simple with Lemon/Lime. Can’t do anything that’s doing too much."

"Flavored sparkling water sounds like a lot of artificial flavor. Anything more than a slice of lemon/ Lime is too much."

What are Gen Z jewelry preferences?

"As a guy I don’t wear too much jewelry but if I do go out sometimes I’ll throw on a ring and occasionally my pearls lol."

"I love jewelry! I wear 2 hoops and 1 stud in each ear every day as well as three necklaces that I never take off and a bunch of rings."

"Love jewelry, think maximalism jewelry has had it’s moment but brands like Gorjana, Mejuri, etc. I think have a bunch of cult followers for high quality jewelry without breaking the bank."

"I like wearing jewelry! It makes me feel more complete when I have it on."

"I wearing basically the same stuff all the time, definitely play favorites."

"Rings, keeping it simple."

"Rings, mixing silver & gold, one staple necklace, chunky hoop earrings, fun/random piercings (daith for ex)."

"I love wearing as much jewelry as possible – a few statement necklaces, hoop or dangling earrings, and lots of mixed metal rings."

"Jewelry Made by an artist and not a luxury brand. Necklaces over rings. Rings fall off after I wash my hands so I don’t wear them as much."

"I love jewelry so much! I can wear the most basic outfit but make it look elevated with layering necklaces and mixing metals. I think chunky hoops are definitely in right now, as well as mixed metals, and charm necklaces.'

Do they still like to drink coffee and why? Which one, black or with enhancer?

"Definitely enjoy drinking coffee but try not to rely on it so aim to have a cup every other day (except for weekends). Always have it with a little milk and usually some sugar too! Think coffee just gives me the energy I need for the day, lets me focus a little better and makes me feel good (it’s also just kinda part of my routine at this point lol)."

"Definitely, at least 3 cups a day. I need it to function. Milk, no sugar. I don’t like an enhancer, though. It feels a bit childish to be honest."

"Over the last few months, I took a break from coffee to feel more in control of my daily caffeine intake. Now, I prefer to drink matcha but if I do have a coffee, I’ll have a latte with oat milk and no enhancer/sweetener!"

"Yes, I’m a coffee fiend! Always need to have one cup of black coffee in the morning and then I’ll switch to green tea (also with no enhancers) for the rest of the day."

"I drink an iced vanilla latte every morning and have for probably 6 years. Im trying to get in the habit of not having one on the weekends but it’s kinda the first thing i look forward to in my day :/"

What do you value in health?

"Just doing the things that make me feel good. Doing something active at least once a day and eating light but healthy. Also drinking LOTS of water."

"Exercise & therapy."

"All about how I feel! Fueling myself physically/mentally helps me to feel strong, accomplished, and energized."

"Also a big water person! Big on doing whatever makes me feel good too. I don’t stress about working out or eating the healthiest possible foods, but I know what my body does and doesn’t respond well to, and I try my best to act accordingly."

"Huge water drinker and never leave home without my emotional support reusable water bottle. I try to fuel my body with whole, nutrient dense foods and move my body when I want to. I also really try to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night."

"Affordability. It’s expensive to go to the doctor!"

What games do they play?

"Big NYT Wordle person. I’ve started to do it on my commute to work every morning and on the weekends with breakfast. I also occasionally play FIFA (or FC now lol). But besides that I don’t really play games… besides the drinking kind."

"Also love wordle, connections, i do the NYT crossword twice a week. Have recently become obsessed with Rummikube when i got it for christmas lol."


"NYT daily games, Rummikube, Game Pigeon on iMessage, and Jackbox games (fibbage)."

"Big game person! All the NYT games, board games, any Mario games, Jackbox, Animal Crossing, Fortnite, Overcooked. If it’s cute and fun and available on Switch, Playstation, or my phone, I’m there."

"I don’t really play too many games, but have been getting more into Spelling Bee."

What does Gen Z think about diversity in the tv industry?


"Always think that there is room for improvement, but I do feel like certainly since the mid aughts/even early 2010s there is substantially more representation on-screen."

"An ok job at on-screen representation (we’ve come a long way), but hear from friends who work in the industry that there is not much diversity in writers, crew, directors, etc."

"I feel like it's gotten better compared to previous years which is encouraging but still has a long way to go."

"Agree with all the above. I think there’s more of a concerted effort to showcase different voices than ever before but there’s still a lot of work to be done."

"It’s gotten a little better, but there’s so much work left to improve diversity across the board — including staff bts."

What are Gen Z fashion consumption habits?

"Not necessarily my own, but I think the archetypal Gen Z fashion consumption habits are thrifting and buying trendy fast fashion items (with a short shelf life), especially from Shein or TikTok Shop."

"I think quiet luxury and statement pieces that you can wear for years and can wear with anything that look luxurious but are not extremely expensive."

"I thrift primarily but also dabble in higher brands like Reformation and Ganni. I avoid fast fashion at all costs except for an occasional trip to Urban Outfitters :/ I like the idea of quiet luxury. Whenever I purchase retail items, I try to find items of high quality that I can keep for a while."

"Can’t speak for everyone but definitely only shop like 3-4 times a year and usually do pretty big hauls lol. Know thrifting is in right now but I usually go for Massimo Dutti, Zara, Carhartt, Uniqlo/GU, and I also love buying merch from local shops & coffee shops in my neighborhood."

Do you like KPOP?


"I haven't really gotten into it too much but I know they’ve been having a pretty big moment the past few years. I did have a BTS song on my playlist back in 2019 if that is any indication."

"Love KPOP - started listening to in 2017 and became a fan of the music and more importantly their shows and movies."

"Yes- love the group New Jeans and think they’re going to continue to grow in 2024."

"Kpop is fun! I don’t listen to it much on my own terms but I’m never mad when I hear it (except Butter... that song is played out 😅)."

"1000%. There’s so much solid music coming out lately that’s K-pop, and a lot of second gen artists are even making comebacks..I love to see it 🥳."

Why do Gen Z prefer video?


"I think it makes it a little easier to process information and requires less effort than reading maybe lol? I also just find watching videos more entertaining."

"^Agree, easier than reading sometimes lol. Also sometimes multitasking and listening to the audio."

"Funny and easy to consume."

"I think it makes it more condense which I usually find that I like the spark notes and quick facts."

"Part of already established routine / activity, we’re already tuned into an ongoing stream of video given social habits on TikTok."

"Easier to find results that are shorter/concise."

What online media sites do y'all get your news from?


"I’m a big NY Times guy. Love The Daily but I should really broaden my horizons."

"^Same, I know it’s a bad habit, but I almost exclusively read NYT."

"The Cut for editorial, CNN for hard news & headlines."

"NYT is definitely a big one for hard news but I love the Skimm too and newsletters like Casey Lewis After School for editorial and trends. Lately, I have also been turning to Twitter."

What do you wish you had more of?


"Money & time lol"

"^ Same, also days that i could truly be “offline”"

"Time to explore my passions outside of work."

"Money and time as well lol, and space in my apartment…"

"Time to be offline, hours to do artwork"

"Moneyyyyy honestly and time so ditto to everything above lol"

Why do Gen Z job hop?


"Most likely because they have high expectations about the workplace and what to expect from it (with particular emphasis on work life balance, etc.). This shift was happening prior to the pandemic, but I think that supercharged it."

"I agree with the above and also hope that Gen Z will be better employees and managers in the long term for it: more adaptive/experienced in a range of work settings (for good and bad) and understanding of the opportunities and incentives (ie. work-life balance) that keep teams engaged in the long run."

"Don’t think I have really job hopped too much but I think it has to do with gaining more experience, it shows you are dynamic, and it helps you move up the totem pole a little quicker. Also money (maybe)?"

What type of events and parties do you normally go to?


"I’m not picky! I’ll do whatever, really. House party, small function, concert, bar, etc."

"I’ll go wherever my friends are going tbh."

"Up for whatever but ideally at a high fun-per-dollar value lol (but i will spend a lot of it’s really worth it/a once in a lifetime type experience)."

"I go to some of the bigger shows in nyc like Keinemusik and Black Coffee but honestly I love a good house party."

What kind of milk do you drink?

"I’m not really “into milk.” But I’ll usually go with just regular whole milk or Lactaid in coffee. I think if you’re just drinking regular milk in a glass that’s odd."

"Oat, what else?"

"I’m open to all milks: dairy and non-dairy. Been very in macadamia and pistachio as a “fun milk” for in my matcha recently."

"I vary between oat, almond, and regular. Kinda just depends on the day lol but I’d say the majority of the time it has to be oat milk."

How do you connect with your Latino culture?


"wtf im gonna cry this is saur cute i love this question waaah – personally i think my biggest influence is through music & food! with music i’ve seen how popular and mainstream it has become and it makes me so happy to know that i can share these experiences with alot of my latine friends because we grew up in a world thinking that would NEVER be the case so its cool to see how it has manifested to be something so widely known and experienced. with food this is definitely a way that we would spend time together as a family and also show our appreciation and love for each other (for example its a joke that latine parents wont apologize, but they’ll bring you a plate of cut up fruit instead) i also just love teaching others about my culture and food is just always common ground when it comes to that. one last thing and im done lol – but being a minority and having experienced racism first hand and with my parents just makes me that more passionate about staying grounded in my culture and continuing to keep these traditions alive for my family back in puerto rico rooting for me (im not done but this could easily turn into an essay so im done lol)."

"For whatever reason, I’ve been thinking a lot about my culture this year, and how I connect to it. Plainly put, I haven’t been doing the best at making sure my roots are strong, but it’s something I really want to prioritize next year. Ever since my grandmother moved to the states, my family has become super Americanized (to the point my cousins, siblings and I don’t even speak Spanish), and it makes me so sad, because our culture is beautiful and full of life! My mother’s generation is the last to really keep it going, and I don’t want to lose it as time goes on. With all of that being said, I’ve been looking forward to actually learning Spanish and getting in the kitchen because everyone does not make arroz con habichuelas the same. When I’m really homesick (all my family is in Philly/Jersey), I listen to Aventura and Marc Anthony, and act like I’m in a club dancing bachata."

"A lot of my friends and my boyfriend are Hispanic so that definitely helps! Music is big for me as well too, I speak in Spanglish pretty often at home, and I’m very much on LatinoTok lol so it’s a bunch of little things added together for me."

What is important to you when it comes to hydration...especially when working out?

"Think the point of a hydration drink is that you have enough sugars/electrolytes to continue to workout at a high level and replenish what you lost while sweating it out lol. So as long as it does that for me and isn't too sweet I’m happy (maybe even have a little caffeine kick with not too many cals). But if we talking like branding wise that sh*t better looks clean af. I’m all for the workout fit/aesthetic."

"So important. I think with the rise of reusable water bottles lately with Stanley and Hydroflasks, some calling them “emotional support water bottles”,Gen Z focuses on hydrating more throughout the day and while doing any type of activity. For me, I try to have at least 2 big Stanley water bottles a day (around 62 oz) and then I know I am hydrated and on track. I think drinking water is good for everything, your skin, gut, energy and your overall well being."

"Hydration is super important to me! I definitely echo the above– you feel the effects of hydration in your skin, energy, and mood. I take my water bottle with me everywhere I go; I don’t really care what it looks like, it’s all about practicality, efficiency, and sustainability for me."

"Lemon water."

Why is horror such an important genre to Gen Z?


"I wouldn’t say it’s “such an important genre to gen z” lol (horror has always been kind of a go-to “youth” genre I think). But i do think there’s been a lot of really interesting genre-bending and depth to recent films of Jordan Peele’s and the A24 Pearl anthology which is prompting people—Gen Z included—to go back through the horror canon and rediscover the older films that inspired them."

"I dont care about horror at all LOL."

"Maybe it’s a good outlet for real world horrors. Almost a catharsis, or lets us feel more in control because we know the ending…can’t say the same thing about existing every day."

"Just to feel something I guess."

"My theory is it’s an attention span thing!"

What do they want in a job?

"I’d say a job that fosters a feeling of belonging and purpose yet also pushes you to think critically. I think a company that takes pride in helping you grow is super important to a successful career. Also the freedom of remote working is a big factor when choosing where to apply since I enjoy working from different places!"

"Something that offers creative opportunities/access to good mentors while also not holding those opportunities over your head as an excuse for not paying more money or offering more benefits. I’ve worked places like that before and while experience-wise it was great, it felt kind of patronizing and exploitative to work there."

"Creative/professional opportunities, being put in positions of leadership from an early stage (even if it’s just leading a small internal meeting!) a good workplace culture, mentors with proper listening skills."

"A place where you can learn, explore, and grow. Diversity throughout the workplace including leadership. Freedom of working remote as well."

Why does Gen Z have so much anxiety?


"Have you seen the world we grew up in?"

"Social media doesn’t help, cost of living is astronomical. I could go on."

"We are all in debt and are not paid enough to combat it. With social media, we are able to be acutely aware of the significant humanitarian and environmental problems in the world— social media also makes it almost impossible to not compare yourself to others or worry about how others perceive you."


"Imma vouch for bullet #3 as well and will add that some very formative years were spent in isolation during a global pandemic and everything about life seems uncertain."

"Agree with all. We are growing up in a time of intense pressure."

"There’s a lot to be anxious about. Most mentioned above, but mainly a faltering “American Dream,” mercurial politicians who are all pretty dull (or just too old), the sky turns orange pretty regularly, and the rate of technological innovation can’t really keep up with any regulation or parameters. All kind of a long island iced tea of anxiety—which is to say—there’s a lot of stuff in there and none of it is very good."

Why do you wear baggy clothes?

"They hella comfy and look good lol."

"Im insecure lol."

"Because it looks good. The gendered societal standards for clothing are changing, and it’s becoming more acceptable for women presenting people to wear loose, baggy silhouettes. As someone who is drawn to more traditionally “masculine” style, I embrace the ability to dress comfortably and fashionably."

"I second this answer ^. Gender norms in fashion are losing their appeal and people are more fluid. It’s also comfortable and as a woman I don’t feel the need to dress feminine to be taken seriously."

"I like being comfortable."

"Yeah I think it’s a comfort thing for a lot of folks."

How important is eating healthy to you?

"I think eating healthy became a priority for me around high school and kinda just stayed top of mind ever since. Definitely believe that eating healthy and staying active correlates to a healthy mind and just a happier life. So I’d say pretty important lol."

"It's very important to me. I think that the mind and body are connected and when I eat healthy I feel good and productive and have lots of energy."

"^^ samesies hehe, definitely has an impact on my overall wellbeing – i can feel such a mental and physical shift when im not fueling myself with nutrients; i think its also become a social thing too like (idk maybe im too self aware lol) but if im around people/ looking to post my meal i feel like i am more inclined to eat healthier as well."

"It’s important but I’m never too stressed out about it and I try not to place weird restrictions on myself. I like cooking so I know that the food I make for myself is with real ingredients and it’s going to be fulfilling. I don’t really seek out “health foods” but the stuff I buy/make does tend to be healthy if that makes sense."

"^ Echoing the above, I’d say eating healthy is moderately important to me. It’s definitely not the #1 thing I think about when deciding what I eat, but I naturally gravitate towards more healthy food (love a good salad) without ever feeling like I restrict myself too much."

"Not really at all!"

"It’s important overall but I'm not super strict! As long as I'm eating generally healthy a majority of the time. But i make it a point not to restrict or let myself eat what i want to satisfy certain cravings even if those foods aren’t necessarily healthy."

How does Gen Z recruit for a new job? Are networking events and job fairs a thing of the past?


"I always found networking events kind of cringey and difficult to navigate. I always scoffed at the “you have to make connections and build your network” saying, but I have found that the best route (or one of the best routes) is to try and ask around your inner circle and then build out from there (getting coffee with a friend of a friend, for example). Either way, I feel very lucky to have landed a job pre-covid. I think the landscape is probably very different now in terms of recruiting/finding a job."

"I typically find networking events/fairs a little awkward as well, but have enjoyed smaller, “pseudo-networking” happy hours and breakfasts where I know a few already people already and meet a few more. Generally I lean on peer-level friends to hear about new opportunities or to get intro’d to cool people."

"^^ agreed, i definitely feel like the biggest barrier to entry especially with people my age, freshly out of college is just not knowing where to look, who to reach out to, etc. im sure imposter syndrome plays such a big role in this as well – companies, agencies, etc. that are looking to recruit should really look towards building an AUTHENTIC work environment curated towards the next generation, helping them overcome mental blocks and build up their confidence by leading through example."

"I usually look online for work on typical job sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. Lately with the increase of virtual events, I’ve seen a lot of online networking events and even online job/recruiting fairs, which I think is awesome. For job fairs, companies should definitely increase their accessibility (ie. making events virtual) to reach as big of a Gen Z audience as possible."

"Think it depends on the industry. I have friends in tech who find conferences really helpful because they’re usually centered around recruiting and the companies have the infrastructure to host live interviews, resume reviews, etc. Most people I know who work in more creative industries find jobs online or through personal contacts."

"Honestly, I haven't been to a job fair since high school and don’t know what I’d even do at one lol. But I usually take the online route to look for jobs too. I have also banked on connections I’ve made in the industry or sent out some blind emails."

"I’ve never really had a job opportunity come out of a networking event/job fair, so I don’t really go out of my way to attend them. I find job opportunities by networking with and reaching out to friends, who can introduce me to their friends, and so forth, and will do the same for others if they need help finding a job."

"I think it’s much easier (and less anxiety-inducing) to ask a mutual connection to put you in touch with a recruiter or industry professional to meet one-on-one. Networking events can sometimes feel competitive, and there’s a lot of pressure with figuring out the right way to follow up and stay in touch with who you meet."

What slang are we not using anymore?


"I think the cap train kinda died. Maybe vibes too."

"coded > vibes"

"The power of slay is dwindling"

"It’s tough to call out “slang” that’s no longer in use because most of these words are born out of Black or queer communities – so while they may seem to be out of style across the internet, most words are still in use by the folks who created them in the first place."

"^ highkey retweet"

What does Gen Z think about their college texting them?


"I usually just get emails from my college but never really look at them. Feel like they already got enough use out of me lol but maybe when I’m old and don’t have much to do I’ll start taking them more seriously ??"

"The most obnoxious - even worse when they call me. They’re looking for more money at the end of the day and my tuition should have been enough LOL."

"I pretty much delete immediately. They don’t need any more money, much less from me."

"I haven’t personally ever gotten a text from my college but I think it’d feel super automated/impersonal. I think emails are better."

"I need them to put an end to reaching out to me. There’s no need. Y’all just put me in debt, stressed me out, and now ya want more money? No. Bye."

"How much more money do you want/need?"

What Does Gen Z like About Halloween?


"Kinda a good excuse to throw a party and dress up crazy. It’s always fun to see a swarm of weird characters brought together. Also, who doesn’t love a good costume party??"

"I feel like it’s all about the energy and decorations."

"I like the general ~spooky energy~ and the fact that anyone can wear whatever they want with minimal judgment. Dressing up on halloween is how a lot of drag queens/kings get their start 🥲so a surprisingly wholesome day if you think about it lol."

"I like seeing how creative people can get with their costumes. I feel like they’ve gotten really niche too, based on niche internet creators or micro trends. I bet we’re going to see an annoying amount of “Planet of the Bass” costumes this year."

"I like that everyone can be whoever they want. I also love seeing people’s creativity come to life and when people express themselves. I also LOoOoOoOoooVE scary stuff so Halloween is one of my favorite holidays."

What Influencer or Celebrity Do You Look Up To?


"Wouldn’t say I look up to too many influencers but definitely enjoy their content and pull alot inspo from them. Big fan of aestheticy and fashion influencers kinda like Chris Lager & Obed Dagnon. As for celebrities, maybe Drake? Just cause he kinda does whatever he wants and anything he touches turns to gold lol. But most people I look up to would be athletes kinda Jaylen Brown, Caleb Dressel, Steph Curry, etc."

"I like Jonah Weiner. He (and his wife) write Blackbird Spyplane. I feel like I’m more inspired by writers/substackers than actual influencers."

"If anything, I’d say I’m inspired by the craft and work ethic of legends like Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar. Recently went to the Renaissance concert at MetLife Stadium, and stood in complete awe for about… five minutes during the show, just thinking about the amount of dedication it has taken for Beyonce to be where she is at this exact moment. Imagine running the game (and being the best to do it) at the age of 40."

"Rihanna. I definitely don’t have billionaire aspirations lol but she’s been a constant in my life for almost 20 years and I’ve always been inspired by all of her achievements across industries as well as her beauty."

"I’ve always been a huge Taylor Swift fan and I’m definitely inspired by her work ethic and drive to make others happy. I also appreciate that she puts her money where her mouth is - she compensates her team, and donates publicly to causes she cares about (including political ones). I don’t really look up to influencers - I feel like a lot of them are not necessarily good people. I mainly only follow them for aethetic influence or home/fashion ideas."

Who Are Your Heroes?

"My parents."

"Does Gen Z have heroes anymore? Yeah I would also maybe say my Dad. Unfortunately I feel like the current cultural landscape doesn’t exactly foster “heroes”."

"I feel like I have to say parents now lol but they are both great 💕"

"Think it’s a bit bold to have celebrities as heroes these days – if there’s anyone I can have complete confidence in to exhibit the qualities of a hero, it’s my mom."

"^ Agreed. TBH, for the most part I want to be as removed from the celebrities I like as possible because I don’t want to risk disappointment lol. So, my mom without a doubt."

"Agree with everything said here - I don’t think Gen Z really sees public figures as “heroes.” I think we’re living in an environment where people can be so problematic, and it’s hard to throw that label around when you don’t know whether someone is actually a good person or if it's all performative. So for me, it’s easier to say my grandma!"

What are colors and styles Gen Z loves?


"I personally rock with neutrals but definitely have a few items in the wardrobe that pop a little more if we are feeling funky (something that gives matisse poster). As for style: baggy = everything. Also can’t hate on the pearls, kinda love that trend."

"Small top & baggy bottoms, or baggy top & baggy bottoms, gorpcore, monochrome."

"Love a neutral. I feel like really poppy, bright colors were trendy last year but this year it’s leaning a little more towards pastels? Idk though, that’s just anecdotal—don’t quote me! There’s also the never-ending churn of TikTok “styles”—tomato girl, indie sleaze, etc— which end up shaping fast fashion trends/marketing regardless of how truly “trending” they were when first coined."

"Lichrully anything oversized with some platform boots; have also been seeing coquette come back into style too especially with accessories like ribbons, bows, lacquer stockings, etc - the soft alternative girlies are winning! And to your point about color, i’ve been seeing alot about how people’s closets only consist of black clothes (me included lol)."

"I've been seeing stark white trending more than ever this summer — the “LES girl” style is heavy on a long white skirt. White tanks have always been trending but seeing them more than ever around the city on men/women/nonbinary ppl and celebrities. Brown is also huge this year and I am definitely on that wave. Lime green also. As for styles, I always love a gender neutral or bending look (women and men swapping traditionally gendered items like ties & skirts), baggy pieces, coquette style, a classy vintage look (60s inspired, pearls, slicked hair, long gloves, loafers, etc). Personally, I think in years past it was more of a trend to be bold with crazy fits and now I am seeing people my age group dress more subdued, intentional and curated (but maybe that's just part of growing up haha)."

"IMO “Gen Z style” simultaneously prioritizes self-expression & following trends (specifically TikTok cores).. so… a weird dichotomy lol. As for my personal style, I wear whatever I want—it’s never about following a trend because I never want to look like anyone else and I recognize the insanely short span of time that trendy items are “in.” My wardrobe is black and tight and consists of one pair of shoes (Doc Martens 4L)!"

"Black, white, beige, repeat."

Do you believe in the American Dream?


"I believe in the George Carlin quote: “you have to be asleep to believe it.” It doesn’t have to be like this! But the reality, is that there are so many structural disadvantages at play (that are continuing to grow, I might add), that act as an impediment to the “dream.” Waiting for someone to run for office who can articulate this, and reimagine what the dream could be."

"Agree with the above. I like to think that it would be possible to believe in it but I wouldn’t say that I do."

"Absolutely not lol. Setbacks of race, gender, class, etc. aside–what is the “dream” anyway? Financial success?"

"Nope. In a country built on oppression, what dream could there possibly be for me to believe in? :/"

How do you learn and study?

Entertainment Work

"Work-reading aside (lol) I love WNYC! I turn it on first thing in the morning and listen throughout the day when I’m working at home, making dinner etc. I find it’s really helpful for learning about a pretty broad range of news topics and longer stories. I’m not really a podcast person other than that. I also like Harper’s mag for the same reason. Their articles always feel super relevant while being unexpected. I’m also always on the look out for book recommendations from friends. I really like going in completely cold and learning about a new topic. Currently I’m on gardening/farming lol."

"I like to have a pen + notebook by me whenever possible. Writing things down usually helps me to retain information."

"I write everything (and I mean everything) down whether it is in a journal, planner or in my notes app. But I think the way I learn the most is reading. Aside from reading the news, I find that reading books is one of the top ways I learn things even if they are fiction."

"Youtube, books, podcasts and taking notes! I also ask chatgpt a lot of questions now."

"Through YouTube, writing things down, and listening (tv, podcasts, etc)."

What do Gen Z'ers hope for?

"I hope for a lot of things I guess? In addition to big, important issues like climate/social justice I also hope that there’s more accountability and transparency about digital issues like data privacy, mental health on social, etc. within my lifetime. I gotta say it’s not looking good lol."

"Echoing all of the above. I actively hope for better for people in marginalized groups. As a cis white person in Gen Z, I’m automatically granted privileges that many of my friends and loved ones don’t have. I hope better for minority groups within this gen and the next. On top of that, I obviously hope the climate situation isn’t going to destroy our lives lol. Pipe dream but I also hope that our screen time will go down over the years instead of up but definitely not going to happen.'

"That people aren’t so myopic. That we can build a future we want to live in."

What is driving the sober curious movement?

"I think younger people are more aware of the damages from and alternative to alcohol. I do think the scope and scale of the movement has been editorialized (this was also the spring of borg so…) but anecdotally I have quite a few friends who are trying to rethink their relationship to alcohol and trying to do activities that don’t rely on drinking."

"It's kinda just not wanting to feel like sh*t after going out lol"

"I agree with all the above and also think it has a lot to do with how mental health is discussed more often and fluidly than in the past. I think for the generations above us addiction issues were often pushed under the rug (definitely still are) but today more people are in therapy and talking about the factors in their lives that aren’t working with mental health professionals, family, friends and online. There are more resources than in the past to evaluate relationships with alcohol, less shame (potentially) about admitting you have a problem and products being marketed to us by big celebs (Bella Hadid x Kin)."

"A few things—the “normalization” or NA drinks/sobriety in general. Brands that play into it, too (Liquid Death). Also how widespread weed has become, both in terms of stigmatization and legalization. On the other hand, I feel like “Gen Z as the most sober curious generation” feels a bit like media spin. I feel like a lot of it always goes back to maybe one or two stats. That’s not to talk down the undeniable growth in NA options, but again, Gen Z are still boozing. Or worse, ripping elf bars."

"I think transparency around why people might decide not to drink, which is mostly happening on TikTok, has influenced Gen Z to think more consciously about their consumption."

How do Gen Z see the future?

"Not great!"

"What’s the opposite of rose-colored glasses? That. But I’m also in my heart of hearts an idealist, and I like to think (or hope) that things can be turned around for the better. You have to be realistic about the odds and what you’re going up against though. That’s the kinda the smog on my rose-colored glasses so to speak lol."

"Taking it day by day at this point. Things can shift in any moment so idk what the future holds. No one does!"

"I am hopeful that there will be a lot of positive advancements in medicine. I am scared of the power AI has and think that will cause a lot of issues in the future."

"I am legitimately terrified of the climate crisis"

What does Gen Z really think about the TikTok bans?


"Personally I think my life would go on lol but I do think it would be a massive shift in terms of the social/entertainment landscape. There’s also some kind of iffy implications of a TikTok ban in terms of the lack of legislation in terms of privacy/mental health impacts caused by **other** online platforms but a [redacted] story for another day!"

"I would be sad because i feel like tiktok really does nurture an online community in a positive way - it’s so unfiltered and the majority of what i see on the platform is really positive. Everyone would just move over to instagram reels i think but it’s just not the same. Specifically the comments section </3"

"I feel like there’s going to be some way around them (maybe a little too optimistic about that) but if there’s not, Reels will likely become more of a go-to spot for creators. We’ve gotten so used to that style of content I don’t think it’s realistic to think it will just go away entirely."

"One less app for me to be on lol. I think if it happens, it’ll be fine and people will adapt to whatever new platform arises/move to IG, etc."

"I’m no shill for TikTok, but I feel like they’re being used as a scapegoat. All of the issues that Congress has outlined — addictive feeds, mysterious algorithms, digital surveillance — all pre-date the platform."

"Don't think much is gonna change ngl 🤷‍♂️"

When you hear that something newsworthy happened (I.e. a celebrity death, a major hurricane), what’s your process to confirm whether the news is true and learn details?


"I’ll probably go to a legacy outlet (NYT, WSJ, FT) to check in. These are major newsrooms, so sometimes they’re a bit slower to break the news. If I’m not seeing anything, I’ll probably go on Twitter and check with journalists/media personalities that I follow. It’s admittedly a bit harder without the blue checks"

"Ngl i go to TikTok loll and then based on how many videos/evidence there is i’ll choose to believe it or not; i truly have no source of truth just vibes"

"9 times out of 10, I hear the news on Twitter (been using it for a decade 😅). I just check to see if legacy outlets or big update accounts tweet about what happened, and then I know it’s true"

"I google it then check Twitter to confirm. Another move I may make would be to check the page of said celebs family members for celeb news."

"Usually wait for the NYT push notification. For celeb news, if PopCrave posts it…it’s over (as in, it’s true lmao)."

"Twitter for sure lol then obviously google news"

"Just something reputable? 9/10x it’s the NYT or AP or something like that. But I wouldn’t say I like “seek out” those publications. It’s normally just one of the first few links in google search and then I click into one of those. "

"I usually just Google to see how many outlets covered it and skim headlines, and then I’ll read NYT."

What do you think will be different when your generation are CEOs?


"On a more macro scale, probably the way that people approach work. “Quiet Quitting” was more or less a fake “trend” drummed up by headlines after one TikTok went viral, but I do think that our generation has a fundamentally different relationship with work—and the office—than generations before, and that will certainly be more visible in years to come."

"^ Building off that, there’s a piece in Harper’s about a work “legitimation crisis” that I think really captures it well: essentially, when a lot of small conflicts and grievances (like quiet quitting, RTO, etc) create an overarching feeling of disillusionment. I think our generation has a pretty pragmatic view when it comes to work as a vehicle for either exploring things that matter to you or giving you the flexibility and/or money to do those things in your free time. For Gen Z CEOs in the future—and CEOs now for that matter—I think that will be an important component of the value proposition of your company or brand as a workplace."

"I think our generation is a lot better at highlighting what people are good at and leaning into it (creating roles specific for them vs. boxing them into a certain job description). I also think we’re much more into flexible work days as long as the work is getting done."

What newsletters does Gen Z love?


"The Unpublishable, After School, Read Max"

"Probably too many, and not sure that it’s indicative of a larger “what Gen Z reads” trend, but here are a few of my favorites: Garbage Day, Dirt, Axios (AM/PM), Blackbird Spyplane."

"Call me millennial but I still love TheSkimm - it’s so digestible and easy to read on my commute to see what the headlines are that day."

"Hear me out: Dracula Daily. Also +1 to Blackbird Spyplane. I also read NYT’s The Morning."

"+1 BBSP, RIP, Perfectly Imperfect, Haley Nahman’s Maybe Baby, Dirt, NY Mag’s Are You Coming?, Embedded, Jo Rosenthal"

"Dinner Party from NYMag’s Tirhakah Love and Hunter Harris’s Hung Up"

do you read emails from universities?

"Not from mine. It’s always a lot of fundraising emails and... they had four years of my funds."

"I don’t. Always asking for money! Tuition wasn’t enough?!"

"^ i second. They ask me for money legit once a week and im like ???? stop ???? Anything i need to know about what’s happening at my college I just see on social media"

"Somehow my school still thinks I go there so I get a bunch of mail that’s clearly for current students. So, no fundraising emails yet! :)"

"That’s a naur."

"The debt was enough! Delete right away! Any time they call me I tell them to take me off their call list."

"I unsubscribed them from my email. I did my time and got my receipt."

"absolutely not"


"University emails is an immediate swipe left to archive without opening every time"

"Not the ones asking for fundraising, but I do open the ones related to theater shows they’re putting on LOL."

New hot spots around Chicago and NY?

"Roosevelt Island (NYC) - there is a new rooftop bar there in the hotel called, The Graduate. Great views and makes a fun day trip"

"Lullaby bar! (NYC Great cocktail spot in the LES. Otherwise, Governors Island is also a great spot to bike around."

"MoneyGun (CHI) - Go to spot for drinks for any occasion. Good music good food cool interior photobooth all the good stuff you want"

"The Whistler (CHI) Even though there’s a strong chance of running into somebody you know on that block in general, but still cool spot to dance and meet people"

"Dorian’s (CHI) Hidden spot, probably my favorite spot to take people to whether its a date or a group, they do live music on Fridays and Saturdays, they also just play good music in general, you meet a lot of interesting people, it’s pretty cool overall"

"Bar Francis in Brooklyn is my new favorite bar in NYC! Brand new spot that comes with all the fancy cocktail vibes. Get the cocktail with egg whites (it comes in a funky shark glass lol)."

"Every time I go back to Chicago, my friends take me to California Clipper or Podlasie Club for a DJ set. In terms of food, Doma and Lula Cafe!"

"NYC: Ever since the death of Bella Ciao (lol), there have been lots of parties at Manero’s. Really funny dancing in what is clearly an Italian restaurant during the day. There have also been a lot of parties at Mehenata’s, the Bulgarian Bar. The vibe of that place is so weird and there’s an Ice Room where you pay $30 to do as many shots as you can in 5 minutes. I think people are into these weird unconventional venues these days."

"Public Records used to be cool, but their tickets are so expensive these days, and the bros have invaded."

"Hue in Chicago is a really fun club/bar (not sure how new it is). Great for dancing and amazing music every time. It’s small but mighty lol"

"Nine Bar is this new spot in Chicago, it’s right in the cut of Chinatown, lately it’s been a reco of the night, not a lot of space to dance but good to have a booth"

"Groovy Basement is a creative collective and clothing brand that hosts pop-ups around the city (i actually just went to their launch party hehe)"

What shows have you been binging?


"The Glory"

"Succession, Survivor, The Bureau"

"YELLOWJACKETS. It gives me bad dreams but I love it."

"Always rewatching Girls (HBO) haha, had a very big Gossip Girl phase, the only current Big Television shows I participate in are Succession and…Emily in Paris"

"Girls, Succession, TLOU"

"Yellowjackets & Succession"

"White Lotus, succession, sex lives of college girls (HBO supremacy is real)"

"cyberpunk: edgerunners, chainsawman, attack on titan, spy x family, bojack horseman, severance, new girl, dance moms"

"Currently: Swarm, Succession. In general: anything HBO makes, Vanderpump Rules and other reality TV. TBH I spend a lot more time watching gaming content on YouTube and Twitch so not a ton of TV in my rotation."

"Just got into Shrinking which gives off Ted Lasso vibes but usually How I Met Your Mother"

"Shamefully, Arrested Development and Psych, both did not age well. And love TLC reality tv"

"All of the Real Housewives (i’m on Beverly Hills rn)"

How much is your rent?

"Too much."

"$1300 with a roommate, on the loudest street in the world"

"$1100 with two roommates (+ washer/dryer and dishwasher slay)"

"$1100 with two roommates in two floor house w/ backyard in e wburg"

"Between 2K and 2.5K individually - live in a 3 bedroom with two roommates but utilities are included. In stuytown so its clean and pretty nice."

"$1850 studio (in chitown lol) miss me with the nyc rent"

"A little over 2K in Flatiron, I have 2 roommates"

"A little over 2Kin Hell’s Kitchen with 2 other roommates. Hurts my soul to pay rent every month"

"$1860 + $200 extra for indoor parking divided amongst 2 ppl in the Lincoln Park/Lakeview area near bars, food, activities, and public trans"

"$1800 with 2 roommates"

"$1200 with a roommate (we have to pay for washer/dryer too)"

Best places to people-watch in New York?

"Any park or rooftop"

"Fort Greene park on a Sunday"

"Washington square park after 5 pm"

"Brooklyn mirage LOL"

"Stuytown is so cute for watching families (NOT TO SOUND LIKE A CREEP!) its just really wholesome."


"Literally the subway. Also, when I worked near Union Square Park I’d get the most insane Citizen notifications. Washington Square Park—also a classic people watch spot."

"Had a great people watching sesh at Seaport, but usually I’m at Union Square."

"Washington Square if want need to be convinced we live in a simulation"

How do we know if something is cringe?

"You’re doing too much. Also speaking in TikTok terminology IRL. Which usually means it’s also just language that’s been co-opted…"

"If i see older people doing the trend and doing it wrong repeatedly that it loses why it was funny in the first place"

"Hard to say because with so many different pockets of people in NYC, what is cool to one group could have been on trend for another group a year ago."

"I used to think being too earnest was cringe, but so is being too ironic or apathetic. I now think something is cringe when it’s become too self indulgent."

"When it’s too ~mainstream~ lol"

"When my older brother sends it to me"

"Two words, secondhand embarrassment!!! What feels embarrassing or cringe to me is def specific to me, but that’s usually the cringe bat signal I’d go with"

Feelings on nicotine, cigarettes and vaping?

"I dabble in cigarettes here and there. I do think vaping is a huge problem that doesn’t get talked about enough tbh. These are kids who are wildly addicted to “Banana Bread” flavored elf bar at 15. Not saying cigs aren’t bad, but the fact that we don’t quite know about vaping, and kids are getting addicting to it at a younger age, is worrying!"

"Never got into them"

"Cigs are back, vaping is out"

"I probably wouldn’t smoke cigs if vaping didnt become popular when I was in high school. ^ vaping is losing its allure but got a lot of us hooked on nicotine and cigs are back"

"I also dabble in cigarettes here and there and will take a sip of a vape when offered 👀 but I do think they’re a huge problem with young people. Those disposable vapes from the bodega are sooo scary to me like WHAT is in there."

"I think vapes got too mainstream and appeared “trashy” to some people so now i see a ton of people our age smoking cigs. I also think it’s kind of terrifying that vapes have all of these chemicals in them. At least when you smoke cigs you know what you’re getting (even if they’re cancerous LOL) - i dont dabble in either."

"if there’s a vape, imma hit it, sorry not sorry"

"I feel like cigs are in and vapes are out. I get second-hand embarrassment when I see people pull out one of those huge vapes, but I feel like the sleeker, juul/puff bar shaped ones are still socially acceptable? Idk."

"After a few drinks I might enjoy one or 2 but never soberly!"

"I personally don’t partake in the flavored air, but vapes are def still used in my circle. Not a fan of cigs solely for the some"

"Gross (but i like hookah? Lol color me a #hypocrite)"

Which media outlets do you like to get your news from?

"Highsnobiety, Business of Fashion, Wired, The Verge, Gawker, Bloomberg."

"New York Times, New York Magazine, Harper’s Magazine, Highsnobiety."

"NYT, FT, WSJ, Bloomberg, Axios, Twitter, The Atlantic, Economist, New Yorker."

"The Cut, Refinery29, New York Magazine, Complex."

"New York Times, The Cut, Variety, Paper Magazine, The Fader, PopBase."


"I don’t really have a certain brand affinity, don’t really care. Whichever one smells good."

"Feeling a little hypocritical that I engage in XYZ activities that are not “good” for you, but am a huge proponent of switching to natural deodorant (Re: the aluminum argument). It seems that people REALLY care about what brand of deodorant they use or do not care at all."

"I am personally loyal to Degree Black & White, not because I think it’s better than other deodorants, I just like to stick to the same one and I switched to it to prevent pit stains (ruined one too many T-shirts). I’ve tried natural deodorants and I just couldn’t do it, too sweaty."

"I have no brand loyalty to deodorant—or body care products in general tbh. Whatever there’s a deal on at Walgreens. I’m not a fan of natural. Big fan of clear sprays though because I hate when it gets on my clothes."

how do they prioritize mental health?

"I try not to be too hard on myself for doing absolutely nothing. I’ve also been trying not to be on my phone as much during “down time”, opting to read, write or just go on a walk. Not going to lie, it’s difficult, but it’s important to disconnect, or at least put in an effort."

"Hobbies! I find that having hobbies (i.e. going to the gym) helps me a lot to relieve stress and have fun."

"I’m a bit of an introvert so it’s actually been crucial for me to go out and see friends IRL. I always feel a nice jolt of energy and feel happier afterwards, especially because the alternative is isolating myself at home and scrolling on my phone all day (inevitably damaging to my mental health)."

"With working from home, it’s been important for me to get out of the house during the week in ways that aren’t just grocery shopping/grabbing coffee/errands. Obviously I have the weekends to do things outside of work, but it feels like a real treat/reset to see a friend on a week day after work or something. With mental health maintenance, I remind myself to rest when I need to, but also push myself to not be lazy and hole up (especially in this gloomy winter)."

"I try to prioritize some time for myself where I’m not online or doing something that I truly enjoy. I’m online a lot in general, so taking some time to log-off and be away from the computer helps me maintain my mental sanity."

How do you feel about social media?


"That it’s addictive."

"Recently uninspired but tentatively optimistic about the future."

"It’s a double-edged sword; it’s entertaining and a fun creative outlet, but it's also addictive and (if unregulated) a risky echo-chamber. For example, a lot of my friends have been cutting their screen time or straying away from posting too much as a means to protect their mental health. On a positive note, I am glad outlets like social media can at least offer a platform for people to raise awareness on important issues, help people find a community, and spotlight small businesses and creators."

Do you like modern art or traditional?


"Primarily, I think I’d go with traditional? There’s some modern art I love but sometimes it gets a little too abstract for me (a pile of sand against a corner, paper mache looking sculptures, strips of LED lights on the floor, etc.)"


"My art history/modern art knowledge is a bit scattered between the two—thanks to weird college requirements lol—but different aspects of both resonate."

"Both are great, although I’d probably lean more toward surreal modern artists like Frida Kahlo or Salvador Dali. Frankly, I’m not a big fan of abstract art; however, I do respect it. Also, I’m not sure people would consider the impressionist movement as part of early modern or late traditional art; however, I’ve noticed it’s had a bit of a resurgence these past few years."

Do they like to read?


"Yes! Reading is my go-to before bed activity to cut down on screen time, plus it’s just an enjoyable way to relax. I can go through slumps from time to time depending how busy I am, but I typically get through two books a month."

"Definitely. Agree with the above. I’m trying to cut down on screen time as well, so I read before bed. When it’s nice out, I’ll read outside as well."

"Same ^ I’d admit to being a bit of a picky reader so I like to have a few going at once, depending what I’m feeling."

"Yes, though I admit, I need to read more."

Why do you buy vintage clothing?


"Because something that’s 'new' doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s more desirable. Tends to be cheaper and (if you go to spots that aren’t overrun, there are some really solid finds)."

"I like the sustainability aspect of it. And I enjoy the shopping experience for vintage more than buying new, online and off."

"^Likewise, a large part of why I prefer thrifting or shopping vintage is due to sustainability. I also just enjoy vintage shopping since my style is more attached to retro/ old aesthetics."

"I feel like anything I buy that's vintage is almost one of a kind. Nowadays you walk into a store and everyone is buying the same shirt that's trending or pants."

What's your favourite way to learn?


"Unexpectedly. But actually, reading something and taking notes by hand. Or annotating a book."

"I like learning things hands-on. I find it better to learn while listening and carrying the action throughout, because I will forget if I’m only told how to do it."

"I think the 'learning spark' comes from talking to people! Whether it’s friends of mine, conversations at work, (formerly) interviews for articles, or whatever. And then I like to go back, do some reading, and talk again. But I need there to be other people involved lol."

"As a learner, I’m very hands on and visual, so doing things like writing notes down or having something explained to me with visual examples helps."

"I learn things through video or pictures. I am more of a visual learner."

"YouTube is my best friend here. Whether it’s a short, practical 'how-to' video or a long form video essay from someone like ContraPoints or Tiffany Ferguson, I’m always learning something new from the comfort of my own bed."

What is Gen Z struggling with the most?

"Existential dread."

"^Lol. I think that, but especially just the overwhelming uncertainty in terms of long term planning or investments of time, money and effort."

"I wouldn’t say this is specific to Gen Z, but I do think today’s youth really cares about mental health, especially battling anxiety and depression."

"Saving money while trying to have a social life."

"It can be hard to get excited about the future given what we know about climate change, and the lack of action we’ve seen on many social issues in our lifetime. It’s pretty depressing, but there have been bright spots to be excited about too."

Do you vote, and if so what drives your vote?

"Of course I do. Sometimes I wish there were some more inspirational candidates to vote for, but it’s the most important constitutional duty we have. One that shouldn’t be taken for granted."

"Always! It might sound a bit cynical or reductive to say but the necessity of voting—and the alternative— is basically what drives my vote. Similar to above ^ pretty uninspired by the candidates themselves."

"Yes, I do. Even if I’m not always thrilled with my options, I feel a sense of duty to vote for candidates who are going to best serve the groups and causes I care about, and do the most good during their time in office."

"I do vote! I think the biggest driver inspiring my vote selection is the discourse I witness on social media in relation to a candidate."

"Yes, yes and YES. To me, voting represents one of the most important things we can do to make our communities better and just. I believe that it's more important to be active in local government and politics because that is something people can engage with more often, but unfortunately social media only gives visibility and importance for presidential elections. In reality there is more local corruption going unnoticed that will affect your everyday life, than on a national level."

How do they treat their money?


"I vacillate between feeling the need to save a lot, and spending somewhat 'recklessly' on clothes, food, drinks, movies, etc. I saved a lot of money during COVID, so I think coming out of quarantine, I felt there was this need, not only to 'revenge spend,' but also this kind of (and I’m sorry in advance) YOLO mentality. You never know when the world might shut down, when you might not be able to see your friends or family for 18 months, so why not enjoy life when you can? But then, of course, I think I should probably start investing my money a bit more intelligently…"

"I have a very 'work hard, play hard' mentality when it comes to money. I invest pretty heavily through both a company-sponsored 401k and have auto-transfer on each month for my personal investment accounts, which make me feel better about the more unhinged spending I do. It’s all about balance, pun intended."

"Chaotic but I do try to save! Here’s a snapshot of some weekend purchases: 3x mezcal margs, 1x eBay book purchase, first ittie-bittie bit of Bitcoin."

Do you shop in store?


"I largely prefer to shop in person. If I’m shopping online, it’s either on eBay, or an impulse purchase. I really enjoy well curated retail stores—the design, the music, of course the ability to actually try the clothes on IRL."

"No, I do all my shopping online. I think it’s easier to see all of the options."

"I like shopping in person for clothing. I find shopping online a bit overwhelming and usually end up making more impulsive purchases than I do IRL (plus I’m bad at eye-balling my size in anything). For other things, like hair/beauty products, I prefer online and just get auto-refills on everything."

"I try to but lately I have found that the stores have nothing and there are more sales buying online vs. in person."

"I shop online I’d say 80% of the time. I reserve in-store shopping for random, spur of the moment decisions, going with friends after brunch, or if I’m buying something really expensive and want to make sure it’s the right size by trying on."

Would you work with a life coach?

"No, if I’m at a point where I think I need a life coach, I realistically need a therapist."

"I would love therapy but 'life coach' always seems a bit wishy-washy to me. I don’t totally get what they are really/what the difference is between that and therapy other than they’re maybe not certified?"

"We all live different lives so I don’t imagine one 'life coach' would be able to help multiple people in an impactful way."

"Probably not, but I might read some self-help books."

"Nah, I have a therapist."

Do they want to get married?

"Sure, I’d like to get married at some point. I’m not in any rush and don’t plan on having any kids (for now), but I’m not opposed to getting married when the right person comes around… just not before I’m 30."

"For the most part I’m sure most Gen Zers hope to get settle down and get married, but perhaps the terms and conditions around marriage are loosening up as we become more open-minded about intimate relationships."

"I think there’s a distinction between getting married and having kids. Like yeah, I would get married (agreed with above–not before I’m 30!). I don’t think Gen Z is opposed to monogamy or having a partner. I think the water gets a little murky when you start to think about if you want to have children and when. Especially considering things like is it ethical to have children if the world is going to end due to climate change in our lifetime (lol) and how expensive it is to do anything the generations above us have been able to relatively easily accomplish (buying a house, raising children, paying off debt)."

"I think marriage is not as much of a goal with Gen Z, as it was with previous generations. There are definitely government perks of being married (e.g. tax), buuuuuut you can just sign up for domestic partnership lol."

Gen Z has been through a lot of technological advances and societal changes in your relatively short lifetimes, in what ways do you think this has impacted your generation’s outlook on society as a whole?

"I think we’re a little more cynical about new technologies and advancements when they come around because of how online we are. While appreciating whatever efficiencies or innovations new tech might provide, we’re also in the back of our minds thinking about the data & privacy or environmental impacts that come with those. On that note more broadly, being so online has opened us up to so much more information and access to what’s going on in the world, I think Gen Z can’t help but feel slightly pessimistic about our world’s state of affairs."

"It’s pretty awesome that technology has allowed us to absorb and share large amounts of information in a short amount of time; without it, a lot of us wouldn’t be cognizant of all the social issues that occur around the world and I think the awareness to these issues helps us develop into a more empathetic generation."

"I think people feel like we’re more connected than ever, but in reality I also think we’re more divided. I think I’ve become far more cynical of government and of big tech as well."

"Good & bad. Good that we’re able to easily connect with each other. Bad that misinformation easily spreads."

How do they feel about college?

"College feels like a necessary evil. A lot of people I know feel like they didn’t necessarily 'learn' a ton in the classroom, but as a transitional phase into adulthood and place to meet new people it still has value. But those things can be done without college too, just as long as you’re independent and driven."

"Personally I think it’s a great way to expand your knowledge and your network, but I don’t think a college diploma is necessarily a stamp of intelligence."

"I think it’s really down to personal choice. Growing up, I heard all the horror stories your parents tell you about not going to college. But I have a few friends who didn’t finish or didn’t go at all, and they’re all doing well in their fields and stand by their choice. FWIW, I really like school (🤓) and enjoyed the experience but would not want to go to grad."

"I think the case for college is still extremely strong, but the system as it stands is totally untenable. For one (and probably all that needs to be said, is that student loan debt ($1.7 trillion) is now greater than credit card debt.) Who wants to be indebted for life?"

"IMO, college isn’t necessary. I wasn’t a big fan of the traditional classroom, but I am excited for the future of unconventional learning environments/structures that cater to different styles. Also education should be free for all!!!"

Do you still go to libraries?

"I love going to libraries!!! I used to study and hangout there all the time with my friends, and I love exploring new ones."

"I do! Love afree place to hang out with friends."

"Not really :( Loved it in high school and college, and probably would save money on books if I continued, but I kinda like owning my books so I can mark/lose them without fear."


"Virtually! I rent books from the library on my Kindle so save some cash here and there, but haven’t been to a physical library in probably two years."

"I don’t, but have been to local bookstores a few times in the past year to purchase books!"

"I haven’t been since college, but the NYPL is a really great spot to go."

"I wish I could! There isn’t one in walking distance near me but if there was, I’d definitely be there regularly."

"I did when I was a young kid and in college, but haven’t since."

"No, because I like to have and then keep the physical copy of my book!"

"No - I prefer to shop local bookstores, keep the books, and not be too gentle with them (also working towards my goal of a stacked bookcase)."

What do you love about living right now that you feel will betray you in 30 years?

"Spending money."

"Not having arthritis."

"4 out of 5 dentists say my resistance to a regular flossing routine."

"Spending money on clothes and materialistic items."

"I should really be stretching more..."

"Spending money frivolously on myself."

"I live every day without looking too far down the line which I feel like I need to start doing now that I have more adult responsibilities."

"Sleeping past 8am."

"Not drinking enough water and not sleeping early."

How often do you vape?

"Lol, I don’t, but I (sadly) know so many people who picked up a vape having never done any type of nicotine before, and are now fully hooked. I think it’s actually a real issue among Gen Zers."

"More socially when there’s one around at a party or bar, but I don’t personally ever spend my own money on them. My sister (also Gen Z) just finally quit after five years, she started in high school. It gets people young."

"I don’t. I don’t get the point, but my twin brother is addicted (though he claims he isn’t)."

"I did in college as more of a stress reliever when doing homework or studying but once I graduated I quickly realized it was time to stop before it was too late."

"I’ve never."

"No. It’s too spicy for me."

"If a friend had one, but I’d never buy one."

What is the Gen Z color?

"Hmm this is a tough one. I feel like I see a lot of canary yellow and pale greens on Gen Z-catered products? But I don’t think there’s a color that’s as dominant yet as “Millennial Pink” was/is."

"I feel like there’s definitely a range. I’ve been seeing a lot of nudes and browns being worn, but also vibrant colors as well like fuchsia. I don’t think there’s a settled color that is seen as Gen Z’s color."

"Different shades of green. Personally, it’s my favorite color. But I do see it everywhere on aesthetic Instagram and TikTok."


"Definitely a lot of brown and cream. Especially wearing monochrome color looks."

Did you have a childhood outside?

"Yes, I have seen the outside (and I have also seen the rain)"

"Yes, long live the cul-de-sac, hotspot for skateboarding, wiffle ball, and capture the flag."

"Yes, cul-de-sac vibes all the way, haha. But every time I come back home for the holidays, I never see the neighborhood kids outside like when I was younger!"

"^^SAME. Cul-de-sac outdoors is the best kind of outdoors. I used to play with the neighborhood kids all the time on my cul-de-sac and it was so fun to throw balls from my balcony and bike around our cul-de-sac."

"Absolutely! Everybody on my block rode bikes together, played hide and seek outside, tag, races down the street, and walked to parks together. Definitely got a lot of childhood injuries from playing out there."

"Yes a huge part of my childhood was spent outside specially on my swingset in my backyard. It was a nightly routine in the summer to meet up with my neighbors to ride bikes and switch off on each other's trampolines."

"Born and raised in Hawai’i, I definitely had a childhood outside. But I had my days inside watching TV and playing my Gamecube."

Do you prefer ebooks, audiobooks, or physical?


"Physical books all the way! Try as I might, I can’t get into ebooks or audiobooks. Even podcasts over 30min are sometimes pushing it..."

"Physical books for sure, but I do like my Kindle when I’m traveling just because I can “pack” so many books without taking up any real space in my backpack. Plus sometimes I want to read trash romance books and people don’t need to see those book covers."

"Definitely physical books. I’ve never been able to get with the ebooks."

"Audio and physical books! I like the feeling of reading a physical book, but sometimes I don’t have time to whip it out or just can’t because I’m driving or don’t feel like straining my eyes (I have below negative 5 vision and work on the laptop all day)."

"Physical books 100%, but I think audiobooks can be really nice on a plane or car ride if I’m in a certain mood. I struggle to read longform content on an ebook though."

"Physical books for sure. I’m a snob tho, I judge a book by its cover."

How do you find new art?

"Instagram usually, I follow a lot of moodboard accounts like: @welcome.jpeg, @sporarts, @samutaro, @yungwatergun and more that have put me onto art/photography that I wouldn’t have otherwise found. I also have a lot of friends who are artists.

"It used to be Tumblr, haha. I think it starts with following Instagram moodboards or galleries’ accounts, and then link-diving into the individual artists’ accounts."

"^definitely tumblr back in the day. Now I find it through my Instagram or Twitter timelines. Sometimes even Pinterest if I’m feeling spicy."

"^I also used to be tumblr-ing. And I still kinda do on A few of my friends and I have accounts on there and share things back and forth. Also a cool way to find artists/references. Also follow some arts publications like It’s Nice That, Spike and Hyperallergic."

"I can’t say I’m actively seeking out art on an active basis, but Twitter is definitely the place where I see it the most often. People share their photography, graphic design, paintings, etc. and it’s a great place to find people who are looking to get their start."

"I go on Instagram or TikTok. The algorithm feeds me art that I like or might be into and I love it."

"Instagram mood board accounts @gelbsy, @googleartsculture, @__dreamspaces, @stillherestilllife"

what is chewgy?

"I'm not convinced it’s not a real thing, it’s an industry plant."


"The way I’ve come to understand it, is something has to have been “basic” at one point to be “cheugy.” So, it’s basic, but outdated. An Aritzia SuperPuff is basic and a Canada Goose is cheugy. Do all basic things eventually turn cheugy? I’m not sure…"

"This word is used exclusively in an ironic or sarcastic context now. There are so many other real words to describe what “cheugy” is attempting to get at, so you can just use those."

"It’s another word for basic or something that’s old and should not be brought back."

"Obsession with The Office? Cheugy. Starbucks? Cheugy. Skinny Jeans? Cheugy."

What is an "aesthetic" and why are they so popular?

"I have seen a lot of this on TikTok when something is aesthetically pleasing like restocking a fridge with these clean organized bins or cleaning up a room. If something looks or is presented in a nice way to the eye is how I interpret that. They are popular because I think people find pleasure in looking at nice things or organized spaces in hopes it give them motivation to make their space aesthetic (at least that's the case for me)"

"(I hate myself for saying this but) An “aesthetic” means different things to different people I think. ^^definitely have seen this kind of interpretation above. But it can also be about “aesthetic” fashion or lifestyle where you take a specific style like goth, academia, or Y2K and incorporate it across the clothes you wear, entertainment you watch, decor in your home etc.—at least insofar as you’re sharing online. Can’t necessarily say why they’re popular but the cynic in me thinks a lot of it has to do with it being an easy way to find a community + blow up on TikTok and to a lesser extent IG."

"I think an “aesthetic” is a certain style and that can come in many different forms. I particularly use the word for describing my taste in fashion and decor. I think it’s definitely hard to come up with your own style by yourself, so having all these aesthetics help with figuring out what you like."

What do Gen Z’ers think about where they will live in the future? Specifically would they be happier renting forever or would they prefer to buy a home?

"It’s interesting because I think Gen Z might be one of the first generations to think about climate change specifically when looking for places to live in the future. In terms of renting or buying, I haven’t thought too much about it, but I’d like to own a home one day for sure."

"I’d definitely like to own one day. My parents were able to do it growing up without a massive income, but in much smaller markets than the type of place I want to live. We’ll see, I invest and save quite a bit so would love to diversify with my own property."

"It feels impossible to even think about right now, but as I get older and think long term about money/investments/etc it does kind of suck to think of my money “flying out the window” as my dad would say. I think a lot of people my age (whether it’s due to career ambitions or wanting to experience lots of places) find it hard to decide on staying in one place."

"I’d definitely want my own home one day, but I feel like I’ll be renting for a while considering how expensive living costs are. I’ve been watching a lot of TikToks talking about renting and real estate and stuff to help me know more about this stuff.'

"I was raised to believe that everyone should own a home or land. That’s still my goal today but for the rest of Gen Z owning a home is not a priority. I get it - we'd rather travel, invest in experiences, and not be tied down to a specific location."

Do you feel that representations of Gen Z in popular culture are accurate?


"It depends but in my opinion no. I feel like Gen Z in popular culture are referred to as robots and very consumed by social media and trends"

"Eh, no. But pop culture depictions of younger generations are usually pretty off the mark. I think it’s more interesting to think about what representations of Gen Z reveal about how older generations perceive them—or at least, what older generations think they find entertaining or representative. Thinking of Euphoria and the Gossip Girl reboot."

"I don’t think so, but it’s difficult because Gen Z isn’t a monolith. This is a problem I see outside of pop culture too, in headlines that reference Gen Z. For instance, I’d never heard of “Cheugy” before, and suddenly it’s the first word in Gen Z’s lexicon? I think people rush to categorize Gen Z with broad strokes, but the picture is often more complex than a headline can capture."

"Not really. I feel there’s two ways media interprets Gen Z: either they’re social media obsessed, sending each other emojis and snap videos with face filters from early 2015, or they’re overly dramatic to the point teenagers aren’t being represented as actual youths, but as adults. The truth is, both interpretations are shallow, overdramatic, or cartoonish. I will admit there are your rare exceptions; there are movies such as Eighth Grade or Booksmart that I feel actually capture the essence of GenZ. That being said, within the large scope of things, I feel the reason why media fails to accurately represent GenZ is because 1) it is led from people who don’t belong (and therefore don’t relate) to that generation and 2) they don’t see us as a variety of unique individuals but as a static stereotype/ demographic. Ultimately, as a Gen Z seeing these representations, how it feels can best be compared to the Steve Buscemi meme where he says “How do you do, fellow kids."

What are the major Gen Z customer segments for fashion? I know many shops across micro-communities/niches but are there identifiable major segments?


"Well, I’m not sure. I can’t speak for others, but my theory is that many Gen Z don’t buy fashion according to, say, function or luxury, but rather look and aesthetic. If I had to separate them into groups, I’d say at least urban/ hype fashion, soft/ femme fashion, alternative (like alttok, e-girl/boy, etc.) fashion, 'VSCO' (aka popular/ trendy) fashion, and sports (comfort wear/ lounge/ athletic) fashion."

"I also can’t necessarily speak to the data on specific segments but speaking more anecdotally, I think my friends and I tend to purchase a 70/30 breakdown of vintage and new clothing and definitely tend towards retailers like Uniqlo for basics. Any more premium or luxury purchases tend to be accessories, footwear, outerwear, etc."

"Trends come in a circular fashion -- right now it’s the Y2K/McBling era. In terms of how they shop, it depends - there are those who shop fast fashion (i.e. Shein) and follow trends that they see on TikTok. Then there are those who don’t (lol). This group is more aware of the environmental effects of the fashion industry and make it a point to shop eco-friendly (i.e. thrifting/shopping ”sustainable) and support BIPOC small-business owners."

Are skateboarders still outsiders?

"Not at all. I think if you look at the popularity of brands like Noah, Palace, Supreme, even Aimé Leon Dore the aesthetics of skaters are very much in. Not sure how much or if it translates to actual skateboarding all the time though…"

"They are very much on the inside now. However, they are more like a subculture than a fringe culture."

"No, not in the least."

Do you like weed?

"Not anymore, but I think there definitely is a larger trend around turning to psychedelics and mind-altering products, especially following the pandemic, as a means of escape and introspection. For instance, Gen Zers are increasingly experimenting with microdosing shrooms and LSD, and there has been more research rolling out about their mental health benefits as well."

"I don’t really. But while I’m glad to see the destigmatization of weed, CBD and psychedelics, I think we should start to have conversations around what has essentially become the gentrification of these substances."

How do they workout?

"During COVID I took advantage of virtual classes a lot! I would try all different ones that held classes on Zoom that ranged from $8-$15 dollars. Most of the proceeds went to COVID relief which was really nice. Now living in a big city I use Class Pass which is an app that allows you to buy a certain amount of credits each month that you can use towards workout classes all over your respective city."

"During the beginning of the pandemic when gyms were closed I started running more often, but eventually injured my knee which put me out for a while. I felt recovered enough in the past year to start a membership at a local LA Fitness, but then injured my ankle quite severely and had to cancel my membership there. Since then I’ve moved to NYC and haven’t had an active workout plan. I do hope to get back into some sort of routine, and that will probably consist of in person classes or solo workouts, although there aren’t many gyms close to my apartment. For now I’m just trying to walk as much as I can."

"Since the pandemic, I began doing all my exercise online. Youtube is where I get all my exercise workouts. I was at first skeptical about following fitness influencers; however, after testing a few workouts and actually seeing results, I’ve changed a few of my thoughts. If I’m not exercising, then I just walk a bunch."

"I run outside in all seasons and spend a lot of time walking around with friends on the weekends. Big fan of walks as hangs! But I’ve played soccer or tennis as well if friends of mine asked me to. I really would love to develop a regular routine, or maybe do yoga or something else that’s more mindfulness focused, but I just can’t stick with it..."

What's the better, simple way for home buying?

"To be honest, it’s not really something I’ve thought about as of now. I think I’m really far off from owning a home—and I think, if anything, concerned as to whether I’ll actually be able to afford one."

"^^ I’d also add that other factors—like younger generations getting married less, moving locations and jobs more—makes home ownership feel a little less aspirational. As far as a better, simpler way, I think it’s a tough question. As an older Gen Zer, I think the ’08 housing crash plays a factor, and I’m a bit wary of promises like “a better simpler way to make one of the biggest financial decisions of your life.”

"The simplest way to home buy is to have generational wealth or have a high paying job."

What's your favorite brand?

"Not really a brand at all (which might be the point), but I like everything that MSCHF does. The extent to which they’re so tapped into culture and hit so well on human tensions means that each of their drops are genius."

"Despite all the recent hate, my favorite brand has got to be Robinhood for simplifying stock trading for young retail investors like myself."

"I don’t have a favorite brand. I think I have different moments where I pay attention to brands at specific times when they either come out with a cool collaboration or when they stand up for a social cause, but for the most part, I am more interested in people."

"^^Agreed! As of now, I’m into brands that feel genuine and create memorable moments."

"In terms of brands I’m following: tiny studios/design stores like Beverly’s and Crosby Studios. In terms of brands that never let me down: the drugstore beauty/skincare brands like Cera Ve, e.l.f."

What is the most premium brand you’re interested in? Why?


"I’m a sucker for Apple, if we’re counting them as a premium brand. I just really like clean, sleek design and technology. I've also been really intrigued by Frank Ocean's new jewelry brand, Homer. Is it out of my price range? Yes, of course, but I've been constantly flipping through the zine for visual inspo, and I love the playful aspect of each of the pieces he rolled out."

"Nicer cookware brands like Alessi and Le Creuset. From a design standpoint, I like the weight of them—they're sturdy, built to last for the kitchen. I also like the idea of investing in my home for the long run, and not necessarily taking the path of least resistance."

"Lately it’s been Gucci and Coach. I’m into their vintage style bags."

"I’ve really been into Jacquemus. Their IG feed is perfect, and I’ll take all of their super impractical bags in every colorway, please!"

"Vintage couture from Moschino, Versace or Vivienne Westwood. Also weirdly mattresses?"

"Miu Miu! I think it has to do with being nostalgic about the 2010s (which I’m more excited about than the Y2k trend, personally) and the “it girls” I love to follow who made it popular (and still wear it) like Alexa Chung and Chloë Sevigny."

"Prada. Their clothes aren’t too loud in print or too ‘trendy’. Most of their pieces are timeless and versatile!"

What's the next, cooler iteration of the newsletter?

Entertainment Social

"I think having a guest cultural curator would be cool to have and see what moments they choose to highlight"

"Zines and newspapers are having a moment. Thinking of The Drunken Canal here. Also, am I the only person who thinks subscription boxes and mailers—especially in the beauty space—might bring around a snail mail revival?"

"I subscribe the Nudge (they text you about fun things to do in your city) and I think some kind of direct-to-text newsletter could be fun - like a gossip blog that just texts you breaking news real-time."

"I think secret location/exclusive events might make a comeback. It’s kind of big now, but there is a group called Junior Varsity that puts on parties, and you can only get in if you RSVP via text. Also seeing more events/parties where you need to ask to be on the list, rather than buying tickets"

Which beauty/skincare brands are successfully messaging inclusivity to Gen Z?

"Fenty feels like an obvious answer, their first drop stands out as the beginning of the mass inclusivity when it comes to shades of makeup. Their social presence also feels more Gen Z than a lot of other brands."


"Topicals, Alleyoop-- just their branding and aesthetic *chef’s kiss"

Where do you look for fashion inspiration?


"My older brother (27) was & always a big inspiration to me, fashion-wise. He was around the early streetwear scene, before OOTD drops on TikTok."

"Also my older brother. Also IG fashion girls. Also Pinterest."

What’s with the Y2K obsession?


"I’m pretty sure it’s Depop’s fault but I can’t really say I know the exact source."

"We are trying to redefine what “hot” looks like! So take our peak style growing up but make it inclusive"

"Reusing and recycling what we already have."