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Where do you look for interesting trends & content in food?

"I don’t really seek out food trends or content so most of what I get food-wise is through my friends IG stories (if they post restaurant/food content, which I’m not a huge fan of)."

"Same as the above, I don’t actively seek out food content but I do get a lot of it on TikTok, both restaurant recommendations around NYC and interesting at-home recipes for meals/cocktails (mostly cocktails, not sure what that says about me)."

"Although I love food and look for new places to eat, I don’t actively follow/look for food content. How I find places to eat/recipes are through my FYP on TikTok. Creators like @newt on TikTok are fun to watch, especially since his voiceovers are fun."


"I don’t actively look for food content; however, if I ever stumble upon some kind of creative, aesthetic, or cool-looking food content, it’s usually either through TikTok, Instagram, or Pinterest."

"I’m not much of a cook, but when I need a recipe or want to try something fun I’ll search for it on Pinterest and on TikTok."

How often do you order delivery vs. dining out?

"I don’t order food that often (or at least I try not to). Most of the time I’ll call the restaurant for pick up. I think there’s still a lot of work to do in terms of workers rights for delivery drivers, and a lot of delivery platforms siphon off a lot of money from restaurants."

"Too often."

"I dine out more. Delivery fees are too much 🥵"

Where do you look to find recipes?

"My mother! Or my roommate’s NYT Cooking subscription."

"I’m horrible at buying separate ingredients for things, usually I make some kind of protein and pair it with rice or incredibly low-effort veggies. So clearly in need of some recommendations :)"

"My mom! I’m very into perfecting traditional recipes to pass on my culture."

"Mom :) and TikTok! #dontyuckmyyum 🖐🏼"

What are your thoughts on veganism? Are any of your friends vegan?

"I have no problems with veganism whatsoever, it’s just not for me! I have a decent amount of vegan friends."

"Not for me personally, but if you like it I love it! You do you."

"I don’t have a problem with it. I could never do it. None of my friends are vegan."