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How do they consume content?


"It depends on the type of content for me and where I am. If I’m out, I really don’t like watching TV or anything on my phone. So it’s Twitter for news and entertainment, a book just in case and Instagram/TikTok when I’m bored or I’ve exhausted all other options. If I’m home, Hulu/HBO Max for movies and TV, computer for news/article reading and still books. (But a different one from the train book!)"

"When I am home it is usually always Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu and I try to limit (but I always fail) using TikTok, Instagram when I am not watching a show. On the go, I don't usually watch anything besides some Instagram content but lately to make the time pass on the treadmill at the gym I have been using the HBO Max app to stream a show."

"When I’m out and about I tend to spend the most time on Twitter and Instagram (Stories specifically), but I prefer to stick to audio and listen to podcasts or a playlist I’ve made. I typically have a book with me as well, but those rarely make it out of my tote bag. At home, I spend a lot of time on YouTube and TikTok since watching videos requires more attention. As far as streaming goes, I’m a big fan of HBO Max and tend to start there, and then move on to Netflix or Hulu."

"At home, I’m tuning into HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube (pretty much every streaming service) or listening to Spotify (not Apple Music lol). If I’m on my phone, I’m scrolling through TikTok, Twitter (mainly for news), Instagram (I use it to keep up with close friends)."

What's the next, cooler iteration of the newsletter?

Lifestyle Social

"I think having a guest cultural curator would be cool to have and see what moments they choose to highlight"

"Zines and newspapers are having a moment. Thinking of The Drunken Canal here. Also, am I the only person who thinks subscription boxes and mailers—especially in the beauty space—might bring around a snail mail revival?"

"I subscribe the Nudge (they text you about fun things to do in your city) and I think some kind of direct-to-text newsletter could be fun - like a gossip blog that just texts you breaking news real-time."

"I think secret location/exclusive events might make a comeback. It’s kind of big now, but there is a group called Junior Varsity that puts on parties, and you can only get in if you RSVP via text. Also seeing more events/parties where you need to ask to be on the list, rather than buying tickets"

Does Gen Z care about award shows?

"Personally, I could not care less. Not that ratings are everything, but if you look at the trends over the last decade, viewership for awards have continued to plummet. I also think categories (i.e. best foreign film)...are going to be phased out completely (as they should be), making awards shows more irrelevant."

"Eh not really, I like them for the performances though. I do think the shows have biased judges and after seeing the same winners over and over it got pretty tiring to enjoy."

"No, I don’t really care who wins and think it’s all a bit dated. I prefer to just see the memeable moments and highlights on Twitter."

"Kind of - I’m a loyal Oscar’s watcher, but would rather watch Twitter discourse and clips of the best parts then sit through ads"

"I’ve never really sat down and watched a whole award show, just highlights and what people wore on the red carpet."

Is there a song or musical artist that you feel defines the generation? Who/what is it and why?

"I feel like this depends on where you fall on the Gen Z spectrum. I think for “older” Z’s, it’s probably Kanye West (not saying he’s my favorite artist, just feel like he is probably the artist who had the most impact on the culture)."

How many podcasts do Gen Zers listen to a week?

"I listen to a couple. I have my go-to sports podcast that I’ll listen to on Mondays (recaps the weekend games) and then sometimes I’ll take a deeper dive into more true-crime genre and/or cultural commentary podcasts. Right now I’m listening to Bad Blood (about Elizabeth Holmes)."

"At any given time I’m probably listening to 6-7 per week. Three different pop culture shows, 2-3 reality TV show recaps, and then throw in a quick daily news podcast depending on how interested I am in current events. I also sometimes subscribe to certain podcasts’ Patreon pages and consume additional exclusive content there."

"Either 4-5 or none, no in between."

"Ehh 1-2. They’re usually crime or mindfulness podcasts."

What movies are classics to Gen Z?

"I feel like this varies with each person, but for me: The Big Lebowski. All time movie."

"Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Jennifer’s Body standout to me as cult classics for Gen Z, but in such a digital world I’m not even sure cult is the right word anymore. There’s such easy access to people with the same opinions and interests as you that anything could feel popular."

"Mean Girls, We’re The Millers, Pitch Perfect, Easy A, anything Marvel"

"Studio Ghibli movies like Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Ponyo"