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How does it make you feel when brands use the words "slay" or "vibes"? When would it be ok vs not ok?

"Kind of feel like they shouldn’t be using them at all. Comes across as try-hard, tone deaf and a little corny."

"Don’t think they should be using them so cringe and makes it feel like they’re trying to hard to fit in with the younger crowd. Only okay if someone known for being in the know (like Jake Shane) was speaking in an ad and used those phrases."

"Agree these types of words should come from a spokesperson vs. the brand directly. While I understand why brands want to use these words, there’s other ways to resonate with Gen Z like having ESG goals, approachable branding, etc."

"It almost always reads as incredibly lame lol. Agreed that it could only ever feel passable from a spokesperson."

"Very try–hard and unnatural. I get the idea of brands trying to come across as “in-the-know” with words like that, but they’re a brand at the end of the day, not a person."

"If it's done right/natural then I really don't mind."

What are your thoughts on community?

"Feel like we’re definitely lacking a little bit of community in our lives. Personally I don't really have a community to lean on other than friends and family but maybe that’s enough?"

"I feel like a sense of community is definitely lacking – especially third spaces – for people my age… But I also see a lot of brands trying to artificially create community in a way that almost turns me off to them (the brands)? It’s a hard problem to solve… but one that can also feel really inauthentic."

"I think it’s become a buzzword."

"In terms of marketing, it’s become a buzzword, but having a true community (in friend circles, hobbies, extracurricular activities, or even work) is something I think people will always crave, but we’re lacking because of our phones, the demands of efficiency / productivity, and the mental health crisis."

"I think it has become somewhat of a buzzword as well – think that people can find community in third spaces (though dwindling) – but it’s a matter of putting effort into finding them, especially after college where access to people around you disperse into other areas of the world."

What Gen Z likes to watch on TikTok?

"I feel like most of my content is podcasts for some reason lol got stuck on that side of the algorithm. Maybe a little bit of the trendy sounds stuff too as well as some DJTok & Formula content too lol."

"Omg so much lol. I’d say I’m pretty consistently on FashionTok, CatTok, DogTok, LatinoTok, CookingTok. Definitely lots of funny, random meme content mixed in, some concert clips as well, and occasionally some gaming videos."

"Sourdough/bread making content, music (artist interviews, recordings, etc), GRWM, fashion content. Random vine-style memes"

"GRWM, beauty recs, pop culture moments “memified”"

"Everything - GRWM, clothing hauls, I am also big on Cleaning videos and ASMR"

Where do they get inspired?

"Usually from movies/TV & my instagram feed. Also my friends, I feel like whenever they talk passionately about something it makes me interested in finding out more (they usually have good taste)."

"Been really into old magazines and Pinterest recently."

'Pinterest, artists/musicians, those aesthetic videos on TikTok weirdly."

"Friends/family, TikTok, books."

"Rihanna and Drag Race."

"Album Art, Youtube Creators."

"Literally just going outside. I try to get off screens as much as possible and just observe / notice things in the wild."

How can we sell you more coffee?

"Coffee at home vs out just hits a little different but those $8 coffees really do add up you know 😭."

"I am personally not someone who is looking for more ways to consume coffee, but I feel like Gen Z doesn’t really drink decaf (like after dinner coffee) so there’s an opportunity there, as well as mixing it in with smoothies?"

"I don’t want anymore coffee tbh! I’m trying to drink less of it but willing to hear out a strong argument “for”.

"I don’t think I need to be sold on buying any more coffee! Just keep it simple and strong."

"Less add ons (no sugar, milk, carmel) just a good black coffee."