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How do you define loyalty?

What should the next social platform look like?

How are you investing in yourself?

What's with the Y2K obsession?

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How do you feel about social media?

"That it’s addictive."

"Recently uninspired but tentatively optimistic about the future."

"It’s a double-edged sword; it’s entertaining and a fun creative outlet, but it's also addictive and (if unregulated) a risky echo-chamber. For example, a lot of my friends have been cutting their screen time or straying away from posting too much as a means to protect their mental health. On a positive note, I am glad outlets like social media can at least offer a platform for people to raise awareness on important issues, help people find a community, and spotlight small businesses and creators."

Do you like modern art or traditional?

"Primarily, I think I’d go with traditional? There’s some modern art I love but sometimes it gets a little too abstract for me (a pile of sand against a corner, paper mache looking sculptures, strips of LED lights on the floor, etc.)"


"My art history/modern art knowledge is a bit scattered between the two—thanks to weird college requirements lol—but different aspects of both resonate."

"Both are great, although I’d probably lean more toward surreal modern artists like Frida Kahlo or Salvador Dali. Frankly, I’m not a big fan of abstract art; however, I do respect it. Also, I’m not sure people would consider the impressionist movement as part of early modern or late traditional art; however, I’ve noticed it’s had a bit of a resurgence these past few years."

Do they like to read?

"Yes! Reading is my go-to before bed activity to cut down on screen time, plus it’s just an enjoyable way to relax. I can go through slumps from time to time depending how busy I am, but I typically get through two books a month."

"Definitely. Agree with the above. I’m trying to cut down on screen time as well, so I read before bed. When it’s nice out, I’ll read outside as well."

"Same ^ I’d admit to being a bit of a picky reader so I like to have a few going at once, depending what I’m feeling."

"Yes, though I admit, I need to read more."

Where do you look for interesting trends & content in food?

"I don’t really seek out food trends or content so most of what I get food-wise is through my friends IG stories (if they post restaurant/food content, which I’m not a huge fan of)."

"Same as the above, I don’t actively seek out food content but I do get a lot of it on TikTok, both restaurant recommendations around NYC and interesting at-home recipes for meals/cocktails (mostly cocktails, not sure what that says about me)."

"Although I love food and look for new places to eat, I don’t actively follow/look for food content. How I find places to eat/recipes are through my FYP on TikTok. Creators like @newt on TikTok are fun to watch, especially since his voiceovers are fun."


"I don’t actively look for food content; however, if I ever stumble upon some kind of creative, aesthetic, or cool-looking food content, it’s usually either through TikTok, Instagram, or Pinterest."

"I’m not much of a cook, but when I need a recipe or want to try something fun I’ll search for it on Pinterest and on TikTok."

What type of branded content would you most likely interact with?

"I think branded content that leans informational vs. trying to be cool or funny."

"Probably if it’s a giveaway?"

"This question always feels like a trap haha, but I don’t think there’s a 'type' per se, I just have to be caught off guard and not realize it’s branded immediately."

"Those that don’t look branded."