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How do you connect with your Latino culture?

"wtf im gonna cry this is saur cute i love this question waaah – personally i think my biggest influence is through music & food! with music i’ve seen how popular and mainstream it has become and it makes me so happy to know that i can share these experiences with alot of my latine friends because we grew up in a world thinking that would NEVER be the case so its cool to see how it has manifested to be something so widely known and experienced. with food this is definitely a way that we would spend time together as a family and also show our appreciation and love for each other (for example its a joke that latine parents wont apologize, but they’ll bring you a plate of cut up fruit instead) i also just love teaching others about my culture and food is just always common ground when it comes to that. one last thing and im done lol – but being a minority and having experienced racism first hand and with my parents just makes me that more passionate about staying grounded in my culture and continuing to keep these traditions alive for my family back in puerto rico rooting for me (im not done but this could easily turn into an essay so im done lol)"

"For whatever reason, I’ve been thinking a lot about my culture this year, and how I connect to it. Plainly put, I haven’t been doing the best at making sure my roots are strong, but it’s something I really want to prioritize next year. Ever since my grandmother moved to the states, my family has become super Americanized (to the point my cousins, siblings and I don’t even speak Spanish), and it makes me so sad, because our culture is beautiful and full of life! My mother’s generation is the last to really keep it going, and I don’t want to lose it as time goes on. With all of that being said, I’ve been looking forward to actually learning Spanish and getting in the kitchen because everyone does not make arroz con habichuelas the same. When I’m really homesick (all my family is in Philly/Jersey), I listen to Aventura and Marc Anthony, and act like I’m in a club dancing bachata."

"A lot of my friends and my boyfriend are Hispanic so that definitely helps! Music is big for me as well too, I speak in Spanglish pretty often at home, and I’m very much on LatinoTok lol so it’s a bunch of little things added together for me."

Is GenZ really into Pinterest?

"I don’t really use it that often. But I know a lot of my friends use it for moodboarding or for aesthetics inspiration. I think some even use it to shop?? Not sure about that one lol but I think its a cool app/tool just haven’t ever got into it."

"^^ Completely agree with the above. I very rarely use Pinterest, only if I’m seeking some super specific ~aesthetic inspo~ but I definitely have friends who use it regularly."

"I don’t really use it but a few of my friends do for haircut/hair color inspo or outfit ideas."

"Use it almost daily LOL. Thought I was the only one until I saw a statistic today. I use it to find inspiration for my ceramics as well as just overall creative. The algorithm is so accurate and feels like there is endless content. Been seeing a lot of companies advertise on it and I click in thinking it's a normal pin and end up scrolling."

"Yeah I’ve been into it a lot more recently. Probably more for work, but in general it’s great for moodboarding, feels like a cool rabbit hole to fall into. On TikTok if I fall into a rabbit hole I feel kinda gross about it."

What is important to you when it comes to hydration...especially when working out?

"Think the point of a hydration drink is that you have enough sugars/electrolytes to continue to workout at a high level and replenish what you lost while sweating it out lol. So as long as it does that for me and isn't too sweet I’m happy (maybe even have a little caffeine kick with not too many cals). But if we talking like branding wise that sh*t better looks clean af. I’m all for the workout fit/aesthetic."

"So important. I think with the rise of reusable water bottles lately with Stanley and Hydroflasks, some calling them “emotional support water bottles”,Gen Z focuses on hydrating more throughout the day and while doing any type of activity. For me, I try to have at least 2 big Stanley water bottles a day (around 62 oz) and then I know I am hydrated and on track. I think drinking water is good for everything, your skin, gut, energy and your overall well being."

"Hydration is super important to me! I definitely echo the above– you feel the effects of hydration in your skin, energy, and mood. I take my water bottle with me everywhere I go; I don’t really care what it looks like, it’s all about practicality, efficiency, and sustainability for me."

"Lemon water."

How do young people feel about brands texting them vs emailing them?

"I’ve blocked so many brands over text and it never seems to work and makes me actively so annoyed. Please delete my number."

"I feel like brands always want us to sign up for texts for promotions - like 15% off your order if you sign up for texts, which I do for the discount but then i immediately unsubscribe."

"Really not a fan of marketing emails or texting at all. Let’s get rid of “hey bestie” texts from brands. You’re not my friend—or my bestie! I don’t really want to interact with you as such, either."

"Don't text or email just share it on social! We all follow our favorite brands."

"Don’t text me and only email me if there’s a sale LOL. i love coupons!"

"Agree with above! I feel like I don’t really like when brands reach out to me. I follow the brands I like but if you are bombarding me it’s kinda a turn off."

"If I have to text STOP one more time… It’s always HEY BESTIE! Or Bernie Sanders needs $5 more from me…"

"Pls don’t."

Why is horror such an important genre to Gen Z?

"I wouldn’t say it’s “such an important genre to gen z” lol (horror has always been kind of a go-to “youth” genre I think). But i do think there’s been a lot of really interesting genre-bending and depth to recent films of Jordan Peele’s and the A24 Pearl anthology which is prompting people—Gen Z included—to go back through the horror canon and rediscover the older films that inspired them."

"I dont care about horror at all LOL."

"Maybe it’s a good outlet for real world horrors. Almost a catharsis, or lets us feel more in control because we know the ending…can’t say the same thing about existing every day."

"Just to feel something I guess."

"My theory is it’s an attention span thing!"