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How do Gen Z see the future?

"Not great!"

"What’s the opposite of rose-colored glasses? That. But I’m also in my heart of hearts an idealist, and I like to think (or hope) that things can be turned around for the better. You have to be realistic about the odds and what you’re going up against though. That’s the kinda the smog on my rose-colored glasses so to speak lol."

"Taking it day by day at this point. Things can shift in any moment so idk what the future holds. No one does!"

"I am hopeful that there will be a lot of positive advancements in medicine. I am scared of the power AI has and think that will cause a lot of issues in the future."

"I am legitimately terrified of the climate crisis"

What does Gen Z really think about the TikTok bans?

"Personally I think my life would go on lol but I do think it would be a massive shift in terms of the social/entertainment landscape. There’s also some kind of iffy implications of a TikTok ban in terms of the lack of legislation in terms of privacy/mental health impacts caused by **other** online platforms but a [redacted] story for another day!"

"I would be sad because i feel like tiktok really does nurture an online community in a positive way - it’s so unfiltered and the majority of what i see on the platform is really positive. Everyone would just move over to instagram reels i think but it’s just not the same. Specifically the comments section </3"

"I feel like there’s going to be some way around them (maybe a little too optimistic about that) but if there’s not, Reels will likely become more of a go-to spot for creators. We’ve gotten so used to that style of content I don’t think it’s realistic to think it will just go away entirely."

"One less app for me to be on lol. I think if it happens, it’ll be fine and people will adapt to whatever new platform arises/move to IG, etc."

"I’m no shill for TikTok, but I feel like they’re being used as a scapegoat. All of the issues that Congress has outlined — addictive feeds, mysterious algorithms, digital surveillance — all pre-date the platform."

"Don't think much is gonna change ngl 🤷‍♂️"

Does Gen Z care about Twitter?

"I do! While I think the platform has undeniably decayed under El*n, I still go to it regularly to stay up on news, find articles, and tap into what other cursed discourse is happening."

"Not really… I think the last time I used Twitter was when I was 15 lol."

"No. I tried to join it in high school, but never got into it"

"No. Only time I check is for large pop culture events i.e. Grammys, Superbowl, Met Gala, etc. Images are posted there faster than IG usually."

"I’ve loved twitter more and more over the past year or so (not directly related to their leadership) but i find the quality of memes/pop culture to be better than instagram since it moves faster."

"Yes, I love Twitter, although I’ve noticed a drop in the quality of my feed recently, which has made me go on the app less."

"Twitter will always be my #1 favorite app with a bullet. Yeah elon is stupid but no social media will ever make me laugh and keep me up to date the way twitter can"

When you hear that something newsworthy happened (I.e. a celebrity death, a major hurricane), what’s your process to confirm whether the news is true and learn details?

"I’ll probably go to a legacy outlet (NYT, WSJ, FT) to check in. These are major newsrooms, so sometimes they’re a bit slower to break the news. If I’m not seeing anything, I’ll probably go on Twitter and check with journalists/media personalities that I follow. It’s admittedly a bit harder without the blue checks"

"Ngl i go to TikTok loll and then based on how many videos/evidence there is i’ll choose to believe it or not; i truly have no source of truth just vibes"

"9 times out of 10, I hear the news on Twitter (been using it for a decade 😅). I just check to see if legacy outlets or big update accounts tweet about what happened, and then I know it’s true"

"I google it then check Twitter to confirm. Another move I may make would be to check the page of said celebs family members for celeb news."

"Usually wait for the NYT push notification. For celeb news, if PopCrave posts it…it’s over (as in, it’s true lmao)."

"Twitter for sure lol then obviously google news"

"Just something reputable? 9/10x it’s the NYT or AP or something like that. But I wouldn’t say I like “seek out” those publications. It’s normally just one of the first few links in google search and then I click into one of those. "

"I usually just Google to see how many outlets covered it and skim headlines, and then I’ll read NYT."

What do you think will be different when your generation are CEOs?

"On a more macro scale, probably the way that people approach work. “Quiet Quitting” was more or less a fake “trend” drummed up by headlines after one TikTok went viral, but I do think that our generation has a fundamentally different relationship with work—and the office—than generations before, and that will certainly be more visible in years to come."

"^ Building off that, there’s a piece in Harper’s about a work “legitimation crisis” that I think really captures it well: essentially, when a lot of small conflicts and grievances (like quiet quitting, RTO, etc) create an overarching feeling of disillusionment. I think our generation has a pretty pragmatic view when it comes to work as a vehicle for either exploring things that matter to you or giving you the flexibility and/or money to do those things in your free time. For Gen Z CEOs in the future—and CEOs now for that matter—I think that will be an important component of the value proposition of your company or brand as a workplace."

"I think our generation is a lot better at highlighting what people are good at and leaning into it (creating roles specific for them vs. boxing them into a certain job description). I also think we’re much more into flexible work days as long as the work is getting done."