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How would you describe your social media habits / phone usage while you travel? Do you try to unplug or are you more active with posting?

"When traveling I usually tend to stay off my phone throughout the day and only scroll in the mornings and evenings since those are the less busy times of the day. But you best know I’ll be taking pictures all day to post things EOD/at the end of the trip."

"I always delete all my social media when I travel. If I post from trips, it’s when I get back."

"I don’t think my social media habits or phone usage really change at all when I’m traveling. If anything, maybe I’m forced to reduce my screen time when I’m traveling outside the US, but I will be looking for the wifi as soon as I get to the bnb or a cafe lol."

"I definitely try to take as many pictures for myself when I travel just for memory sake, but I also love to share where I am with people who follow my social accounts."

"Yes! Sometimes I’ll be in a car looking at my phone and then snap out of it because I realize I’m completely ignoring an entirely new city/experience."

Have you tried going on a digital detox? What are your thoughts on going ‘off grid?’

"Haven't tried a full detox but have definitely tried to limit my phone usage usually by leaving it at home if I need to run small errands or just being wary of my screen time. Would be fun to try a full detox tho!"

"I go off grid every chance I get. Whenever I visit my family, I completely power my phone down for at least 48 hours, knowing that I am in a safe environment. I’ve been doing consistently for years and it makes a huge difference in my wellness."

"I’ve never gone on a digital detox, nor have I ever had any interest in one. I think I have a healthy enough relationship with my phone/social media as it is, and I’m incredibly invested in staying in the know, so the idea of potentially feeling like I’m under a rock when I don’t have access to my phone gives me significantly more anxiety than my phone ever could."

"I haven’t tried doing a digital detox, but I do think there’s times when you shouldn’t be on your phone like out to dinner with friends, hanging out with family, etc."

"I haven’t. But I have been trying to not look at my phone the first thing I do when I wake up. Also putting it in other rooms when I’m working or watching TV."

How do they invest?

"I use Robinhood since it makes it easy to put money into stocks and into companies I like/think will grow. I’m also not dealing with millions so it does a good job of dumbing it down for me lol."

"This is admittedly incredibly nihilistic and cynical but beyond allocating some money into my savings, I don’t invest due to my incredulousness in the future of the world."

"I lost a decent amount of money during the crypto bubble using Robinhood. I also have a separate brokerage account + 401K…"

"I use my 401k (tho I should def be putting more money in there… yikes). I bought a little AMC stock when that was a thing, but got confused by the taxes of it all to continue recreationally investing."

"I use (and love) M1 and Betterment. I also contribute to my 401k."

"Roth IRA all the way. I also have my 401k lol…"

"Roth/401, i invest in some crypto and also use Charles Shwab for investing in stocks and mutual funds."

How does it make you feel when brands use the words "slay" or "vibes"? When would it be ok vs not ok?

"Kind of feel like they shouldn’t be using them at all. Comes across as try-hard, tone deaf and a little corny."

"Don’t think they should be using them so cringe and makes it feel like they’re trying to hard to fit in with the younger crowd. Only okay if someone known for being in the know (like Jake Shane) was speaking in an ad and used those phrases."

"Agree these types of words should come from a spokesperson vs. the brand directly. While I understand why brands want to use these words, there’s other ways to resonate with Gen Z like having ESG goals, approachable branding, etc."

"It almost always reads as incredibly lame lol. Agreed that it could only ever feel passable from a spokesperson."

"Very try–hard and unnatural. I get the idea of brands trying to come across as “in-the-know” with words like that, but they’re a brand at the end of the day, not a person."

"If it's done right/natural then I really don't mind."

What are your thoughts on community?

"Feel like we’re definitely lacking a little bit of community in our lives. Personally I don't really have a community to lean on other than friends and family but maybe that’s enough?"

"I feel like a sense of community is definitely lacking – especially third spaces – for people my age… But I also see a lot of brands trying to artificially create community in a way that almost turns me off to them (the brands)? It’s a hard problem to solve… but one that can also feel really inauthentic."

"I think it’s become a buzzword."

"In terms of marketing, it’s become a buzzword, but having a true community (in friend circles, hobbies, extracurricular activities, or even work) is something I think people will always crave, but we’re lacking because of our phones, the demands of efficiency / productivity, and the mental health crisis."

"I think it has become somewhat of a buzzword as well – think that people can find community in third spaces (though dwindling) – but it’s a matter of putting effort into finding them, especially after college where access to people around you disperse into other areas of the world."