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Which media outlets do you like to get your news from?

"Highsnobiety, Business of Fashion, Wired, The Verge, Gawker, Bloomberg."

"New York Times, New York Magazine, Harper’s Magazine, Highsnobiety."

"NYT, FT, WSJ, Bloomberg, Axios, Twitter, The Atlantic, Economist, New Yorker."

"The Cut, Refinery29, New York Magazine, Complex."

"New York Times, The Cut, Variety, Paper Magazine, The Fader, PopBase."

What is the Gen Z opinion on pumpkin spice?

"Overrated drink flavor! But I did just buy a jar of “pumpkin spice” spice to put on some butternut squash soup and I’ll stand by that as a flavor combination. Depends on context for me. I prefer it with a savory flavors overall."

"Never had it, don’t get the media hype."

"Nope, absolutely not. I also don’t drink coffee though, and that seems to be the most common pumpkin spice “thing.” Not opposed to it in candle form, though."

"Absolutely love pumpkin spice, will try anything pumpkin spice flavored at least once."

"I count down the days until pumpkin spice is released at Starbucks. I feel extremely basic saying that but it’s synonymous with fall which is my favorite season so it just gets me in the autumn mood!"

"I like pumpkin spice but I’m not obsessed. I personally think some brands have taken it too far."

"Pumpkin spice is like the vanilla of fall, it's the default flavor."

"It’s a need. I’m running out the door whenever my local coffee shop announces that it’s back."

How do they feel about eating in restaurants as opposed to getting take-out?

"Maybe this is a hot take but ordering take out always bums me out a bit. Not to say I don’t do it, but not my favorite. If I’m spending money on food like that, it’s more about the experience for me and eating on my couch is not as fun lol."

"Depends on the circumstance (i.e. probably not on a Sunday). But I definitely prefer eating in restaurants. I enjoy the ambiance and people watching."

"I get take-out pretty regularly, but it doesn’t feel quite as special as going out to eat. For me, eating at a restaurant is an experience that I get excited about and get dressed up for, versus my semi-regular DoorDash orders are just a product of me being too lazy to cook."

"I prefer to eat in restaurants. If I am going to spend money I want the whole experience and a perfect opportunity to get cute and go out."

"I really appreciate the ability to order out when I’m not in the mood to cook or too tired to go out, but if I am paying a lot of money for food I want to enjoy the dining experience as well. There are restaurants that I order out from though that are reasonably priced and don’t have ambiances so I am not missing out on much by eating out."

"I rarely order take-out because I would rather spend my money on the full experience."

"I like eating in restaurants and taking out but for different reasons. For me, eating in restaurants feels more social and more like an experience (and an excuse to dress up and get a cocktail). However, when I don’t feel like cooking, I have go-to places for take out that I enjoy."

"Take-out is basically just to feed yourself while eating out is more about the experience. Going to a restaurant can be a social occasion, while take-out could just be laziness."

"I spend a lot of time out of the house with friends, so naturally, I prefer dining out in a restaurant over takeout."


"I don’t really have a certain brand affinity, don’t really care. Whichever one smells good."

"Feeling a little hypocritical that I engage in XYZ activities that are not “good” for you, but am a huge proponent of switching to natural deodorant (Re: the aluminum argument). It seems that people REALLY care about what brand of deodorant they use or do not care at all."

"I am personally loyal to Degree Black & White, not because I think it’s better than other deodorants, I just like to stick to the same one and I switched to it to prevent pit stains (ruined one too many T-shirts). I’ve tried natural deodorants and I just couldn’t do it, too sweaty."

"I have no brand loyalty to deodorant—or body care products in general tbh. Whatever there’s a deal on at Walgreens. I’m not a fan of natural. Big fan of clear sprays though because I hate when it gets on my clothes."

how do they prioritize mental health?

"I try not to be too hard on myself for doing absolutely nothing. I’ve also been trying not to be on my phone as much during “down time”, opting to read, write or just go on a walk. Not going to lie, it’s difficult, but it’s important to disconnect, or at least put in an effort."

"Hobbies! I find that having hobbies (i.e. going to the gym) helps me a lot to relieve stress and have fun."

"I’m a bit of an introvert so it’s actually been crucial for me to go out and see friends IRL. I always feel a nice jolt of energy and feel happier afterwards, especially because the alternative is isolating myself at home and scrolling on my phone all day (inevitably damaging to my mental health)."

"With working from home, it’s been important for me to get out of the house during the week in ways that aren’t just grocery shopping/grabbing coffee/errands. Obviously I have the weekends to do things outside of work, but it feels like a real treat/reset to see a friend on a week day after work or something. With mental health maintenance, I remind myself to rest when I need to, but also push myself to not be lazy and hole up (especially in this gloomy winter)."

"I try to prioritize some time for myself where I’m not online or doing something that I truly enjoy. I’m online a lot in general, so taking some time to log-off and be away from the computer helps me maintain my mental sanity."